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Pollutant /contamination of SINAMICS medium-voltage converters

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What must be observed when SINAMICS medium-voltage converters are polluted or contaminated?




When commissioning the drive converter – or when carrying out subsequent maintenance – if you identify that it is polluted, please clean it as specified in the Manual in the Chapter "Cleaning", under absolutely dry conditions using ESD brush and/or ESD vacuum cleaner.

Under no circumstances use chemical agents of any type or other liquids. This is because aggressive chemical agents can damage the electronic components, resulting in converter malfunctions.


Before cleaning a very polluted converter, always first discuss the situation with the service experts for the particular product.

In this case, please address your inquiries to the e-mail address below, specifying the cabinet MLFB and the serial number of the I-CS-LS-LD input channel:

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