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SINAMICS V/ G/ S: Supported SIMOTICS motors

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With SINAMICS V20, G110, G110D, G110M. G120C, G120P, G120X, G120, G120D, S110 and S120 converters, you can implement a broad range of applications (see SINAMICS application examples).

Which SINAMICS converters support which SIMOTICS motors?

Depending on the relevant requirement placed with regard to, for example, the torque accuracy, speed accuracy, positioning accuracy as well as mechanical requirements, the above-stated SINAMICS product portfolio always provides an economic solution. A large range of most varied motors (asynchronous motors, induction motors, linear motors, torque motors) is offered for such solutions.

The attached Excel spreadsheet provides an overview about the above-stated SINAMICS converters and the SIMOTICS motors supported.

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