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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 100698750, Entry date: 09/01/2014

Phase out declaration TIM modules TIM 4R and TIM 4RD

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The TIM modules TIM 4R and TIM 4R D will be set to the product status "phase out" with effect from October 01, 2014.




The TIM modules TIM 4R (6NH7800-4AA90/50) and TIM 4R D (6NH7800-4AD90/50) will be set to the product status "phase out" with effect from October 01, 2014.


The modules can be ordered as a new product until March 31, 2015. As of April 01, 2015 the products will have the status "spare part" that can be supplied by the repair service in exchange for defective modules.


In SINAUT systems in which time-of-day synchronization of the system is necessary using a master TIM module, instead of the TIM 4R (D), a TIM 4R-IE can be used. As of firmware version V2.5 of the TIM 4R-IE, apart from time-of-day synchronization via the control center ST7cc/ST7sc, time-of-day synchronization is also implemented using NTP (Network Time Protocol) and via the CPU.


Please note that if a module is replaced, the SINAUT system must be reconfigured.

1)      Hardware: Replacement of the TIM 4R (D) by a TIM 4R-IE and replacement of the MPI cable by an Ethernet cable. When using the MPI interface of the TIM 4R (D) to link to the control system (ST7cc/sc) an additional S7-300 CPU is required. When linking an S7-400 via MPI, the S7-400 must be equipped with an IE interface.

2)      Software / engineering: Adaptation of the connection configuration is supported by the SINAUT engineering software.

3)      When using the DCF time signal, time-of-day synchronization must be reconfigured: either via ST7cc/ST7sc, with NTP or via the CPU.


If you require support, please contact our Presales Support.


The following order numbers are affected by the "phase out" product status:


Product name

Order number

TIM 4R: SINAUT communications module

6NH7800-4AA90 / 6NH7800-4AA50

TIM 4R D: SINAUT communications module with DCF77 radio clock receiver

6NH7800-4AD90 / 6NH7800-4AD50


Product status "announcement of phase out": as of October 01, 2014

Product status "product discontinuation": as of April 01, 2015 (planned)



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