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How do you reset a personal password in OSD if you have forgotten it, for example?

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Your personal password is reset if you request a temporary password in OSD and then change it into a new personal password.

You have changed the temporary password which you received with the ready-to-download e-mail from OSD (Online Software Delivery) into a personal password. Now you have lost your personal password or wish to change it for internal security reasons. You can reset the assigned personal password directly in OSD. For this you request a new temporary password.

  1. Use the link Online Software Delivery to access the web page of OSD (Online Software Delivery).

    Fig. 1

    Alternatively you can also call OSD via the TIA Administrator or via the ALM (Automation License Manager):

    • Start the TIA Administrator and in the overview you select the "Download software" tile. 

    • Start the ALM (Automation License Manager) and in the navigation area you click "Web License Key Download".

  2. In OSD you click the link "Login with Delivery Note?".

    Fig. 2
  3. Now in the dialog field you enter the dispatch note number for which you need the new temporary password. The dispatch note numbers are in the download-ready e-mail.
  4. Click the "Continue" button. You then immediately receive a new temporary password by e-mail.

    Fig. 3
  5. Now you can again change the temporary password just received from OSD in a separate e-mail into a new personal password.

The new temporary password is sent automatically and exclusively to the goods receiver e-mail address which the ordering party stored during the ordering procedure. This address cannot be changed afterwards. It is not possible to send the new temporary password to another e-mail address.

Note that a change of password is applied only after the confirmation. If you request a new temporary password in the meantime, any previously requested new temporary password or any assigned personal password becomes invalid.

Further Information
Detailed information on the topic of the Automation License Manager is available in Entry ID 114358.

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