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SIMIT Simulation (Video)

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The media system offers you comprehensive information, illustrative explanations and numerous general and technical videos on the topic of SIMIT Simulation.

Using simulation in project engineering enabling virtual commissioning is an efficient lever to keep pace with the challenges that industry faces today in designing automation solutions - in terms of time, cost, quality and safety.
Introducing simulation with SIMIT Simulation in the engineering phase of a project is an effective mean to increase the overall project's efficiency and profitability, and is therefore a critical driver for competitiveness. SIMIT provides a real-time simulation environment for comprehensive checks of the automation program and enables the virtual commissioning of systems, machines, and processes –in a comfortable way directly from the engineering office, even when equipment is not available.
​SIMIT Simulation simulates what SIMATIC automates: Fast, flexible and easy.

Media System
This gives you an opportunity to experience the SIMIT Simulation within a short time and in a comfortable way.

Extension of the Media System by the topics “SIMIT V9.1 Highlights”.
SIMIT V9.1 offers several additional features that significantly increase the efficiency and make the simulation design faster and easier.


  • SIMIT Simulation
    Introductory information on the deployment and benefits of virtual commissioning and operator trainings with SIMIT Simulation
  • Couplings
    Couplings and data interfaces to ensure the communication between simulation environment, automation configuration and other software
  • Modeling
    Modeling of simulation on various simulation levels, options for the automatic generation of simulation models, tips and tricks in simulation modeling, overview of available libraries
  • Visualization, Diagnostics and Scripting
    Explanation of the comprehensive visualization and diagnostics functions, as well as the options for automatic control of simulation models
  • Product scope, service & training
    Details about our product scope, trainings and service offering

Further information
YouTube playlist: SIMIT Simulation
SIMIT Simulation Platform - Overview

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Update of the Media System:

  • SIMIT V9.1 Highlights

  • Customer reference ITURCEMI

  • Links to trainings

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