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Entry type: Application example Entry ID: 102052080, Entry date: 10/10/2014

Integral calculation in PCS 7 with "Integral" FB or "TotalL" FB

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In automation technology, material flows (e.g. volume flows) are commonly monitored and controlled in order to, for example, achieve a constant level or a continuous material output. During the process, the current values of the specified material flows are recorded. In order to determine the amount of supplied material or the amount of output material over a specified period, the material flow must be integrated. Based on the obtained results, the quality of the process can be assessed and appropriate measures can be taken when needed to increase productivity.

This Application Example describes how to calculate material quantities by using PCS 7 standard blocks from the APL (Advanced Process Library). Two different solution possibilities with the "Integral" and "TotalL" APL function blocks shall be shown to you.

The description is based on the integration of a flow (measured signal) and contains the necessary configuration steps for the "Integral" FB and the "TotalL" FB. Furthermore, the individual functions and properties of the FBs, used to establish the quantities of material, are also presented.

Core contents of the Application Example

  • Description of the block functions for the implementation of the automation sub-task
  • Configuring the integral function


  • Rapid determination of the appropriate solution of the automation sub-task
  • Step-by-Step plannig instruction

The blocks used in this Application Example are included in the APL version V7.1 SP5 and upwards.
The description and the screenshots of the described Application Example were made with PCS 7 V8.0 SP2 and APL V8.0 SP2 Upd 2.


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Integral calculation in PCS 7 with "Integral" FB or "TotalL" FB
102052080_PCS7_APL_Integration_en.pdf ( 1866 KB )

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Function manual "SIMATIC Process Control System PCS 7 Advanced Process Library (V8.0 SP2)" Beitrags-ID:

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