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GSD for SITOP PSU8600 for integration in SIMATIC STEP 7

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With GSD the SITOP PSU8600 power supply system is integrated in SIMATIC STEP 7. It includes the general station description of all available firmware versions of the power supply system SITOP PSU8600.

The zip file includes GSD for following article numbers:

  • SITOP PSU8600 1AC 20 A/4 x 5 A PN (6EP3336-8MB00-2CY0)
  • SITOP PSU8600 3AC 20 A PN (6EP3436-8SB00-2AY0)
  • SITOP PSU8600 3AC 20 A/4 x 5 A PN (6EP3436-8MB00-2CY0)

  • SITOP PSU8600 3AC 40 A PN (6EP3437-8SB00-2AY0)

  • SITOP PSU8600 3AC 40 A/4 x 10 A PN (6EP3437-8MB00-2CY0)

  • SITOP CNX8600 4 x 5 A (6EP4436-8XB00-0CY0)
  • SITOP CNX8600 8 x 2.5 A (6EP4436-8XB00-0DY0)
  • SITOP CNX8600 4 x 10 A (6EP4437-8XB00-0CY0)

  • SITOP BUF8600 100 ms/40 A (6EP4297-8HB00-0XY0)
  • SITOP BUF8600 300 ms/40 A (6EP4297-8HB10-0XY0)
  • SITOP BUF8600 4 s/40 A (6EP4293-8HB00-0XY0)
  • SITOP BUF8600 10 s/40 A (6EP4295-8HB00-0XY0) 

  • SITOP UPS8600 (6EP4197-8AB00-0XY0)
  • SITOP BAT8600 Pb (6EP4145-8GB00-0XY0)
  • SITOP BAT8600 LiFePO4 (6EP4143-8JB00-0XY0)


  1. Save the .zip file and unpack it to a local directory.
  2. Open the local directory and follow the instructions in "A5E36045169-2-76_README-INSTALL-STEP7V5_SITOP-PSU8600_en-US.pdf".


 Registrierung notwendig  GSD_STEP7-V5_001_SITOP-PSU8600_1-5.zip (935,4 KB)

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