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Entry type: Download Entry ID: 102295547, Entry date: 09/13/2018

Latest firmware update for the SITOP PSU8600 power supply system

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The firmware update brings the SITOP PSU8600 power supply system up to date.

Firmware update V1.4.0

The new V1.4.0 firmware for the basic devices of the SITOP PSU8600 power supply system mentioned below has been released and can now be downloaded free of charge.

    • SITOP PSU8600 20 A PN (6EP3436-8SB00-2AY0)

    • SITOP PSU8600 20 A/4 x 5 A PN (6EP3436-8MB00-2CY0)

    • SITOP PSU8600 40 A PN (6EP3437-8SB00-2AY0)

    • SITOP PSU8600 40 A/4 x 10 A PN (6EP3437-8MB00-2CY0)

    • SITOP CNX8600 4 x 5 A (6EP4436-8XB00-0CY0)

    • SITOP CNX8600 8 x 2.5 A (6EP4436-8XB00-0DY0)

    • SITOP CNX8600 4 x 10 A (6EP4437-8XB00-0CY0)

    • SITOP BUF8600 100 ms/40 A (6EP4297-8HB00-0XY0)
    • SITOP BUF8600 300 ms/40 A (6EP4297-8HB10-0XY0)
    • SITOP BUF8600 4 s/40 A (6EP4293-8HB00-0XY0)
    • SITOP BUF8600 10 s/40 A (6EP4295-8HB00-0XY0)

The specified modules will be shipped with the new firmware after stocks are exhausted.

Functions extensions
With firmware update V1.4.0, you can benefit from the following functional enhancements:

Basic device SITOP PSU8600

  • Support of new UPS module SITOP UPS8600 (6EP4197-8AB00-0XY0) for buffering power outages up to hours
  • Support of new battery module SITOP BAT8600 Pb (6EP4145-8GB00-0XY0), 380 Wh with lead (Pb) accumulators
  • Support of new battery module SITOP BAT8600 LiFePO4 (6EP4143-8JB00-0XY0), 264 Wh with lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) accumulators
  • Support of SITOP Manager – the tool for commissioning, engineering and monitoring SITOP power supplies, see entry ID 109760607 

It is permissible to operate a system configuration with different firmware releases of the individual system components; this means that downward compatibility is given - and it is not necessary to upgrade all system components to the same firmware release.

For the basic device SITOP PSU8600 40 A/4 × 10 A PN (6EP3437-8MB00-2CY0), carefully ensure that the product state of the device is "2", as otherwise this firmware update to V1.4.0 will be rejected.
Basic devices with product state "1" can be updated to firmware release V1.2.x only.

The basic devices SITOP PSU8600 20 A/4 × 5 A PN (6EP3436-8MB00-2CY0), SITOP PSU8600 20 A PN (6EP3436-8SB00-2AY0) and SITOP PSU8600 40 A PN (6EP3437-8SB00-2AY0) with product state “1” can be updated to firmware release V1.4.0.

Do you know the current firmware release of your SITOP PSU8600?
  Instruction (204,4 KB) to determine the firmware release of a SITOP PSU8600


  1. Save the *.zip file and unzip it to a local directory.
  2. Open the local directory and follow the notes in the readme file "*_README-FW-UPDATE_SITOP-PSU8600_*.pdf " carefully for a correct update of the firmware.
  3. The firmware contains third-party software components. Please observe the license provisions in file „LicenseInformation.pdf“.


 Registrierung notwendig  UPDATE_SITOP-PSU8600_V1-4-0.zip (29,3 MB)

Previous firmware updates for the SITOP PSU8600 power supply system are available, see entry ID 109740979.

Additional information
SITOP homepage in the Internet at: www.siemens.com/sitop
Equipment manuals (PDF) in German, English and Chinese

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