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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 103431589, Entry date: 10/14/2014

Release for sale and delivery of the drives software version V4.7 HF3 for SINAMICS G130, SINAMICS G150 and SINAMICS S150

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The SINAMICS Drives software version V04.07.00.03 has been released for sale and delivery for the SINAMICS G130, G150 and S150 units.

The SINAMICS Drives software version V04.07.00.03 has been released for sale and delivery for the SINAMICS G130, G150 and  S150 units. A separate sales and delivery release with entry ID 92649722 has been issued for SINAMICS S120.

Components involved

  • CompactFlash Card with SINAMICS G130 drives software version V04.07.00.03
    Order No. 6SL3054-3EH00-1BA0
  • CompactFlash Card with SINAMICS G150 Drives software version V04.07.00.03
    Order No. 6SL3054-1EH00-1BA0
  • CompactFlash Card with SINAMICS G150 Drives software version V04.07.00.03
    Order No. 6SL3054-2EH00-1BA0 

Our SINAMICS G150, S120CM and S150 cabinet units will be changed over in the next couple weeks, after the stock of CF cards with V4.6 has been completely exhausted. During this transition time, if you wish to ensure that the order is implemented with Firmware V4.7 HF3, then this must be clearly specified when ordering.

Interdependencies to other products
STARTER Version V4.4 is required for unrestricted operation and commissioning.
The Starter software can be ordered under Order No. 6SL3072-0AA00-0AG0 as DVD.
STARTER V4.4 has already been released for delivery. See Entry ID 93904214.

Alternatively, STARTER Version V4.3.3 can be used with SSP SINAMICS V4.7.
SINAMICS SSP will be provided as Siemens Industry Online Support download.
SINAMICS-DCC V2.2.1 (see Entry ID 67826366) can be ordered as DVD, including the associated engineering license (USB stick). DCC-SINAMICS comprises a graphic engineering tool (DCC Editor), a block library
(DBC library) is installed in addition to the STARTER commissioning tool. The engineering license is only valid for one PC (floating license).

Expanded functionality
SINAMICS SW version V04.07.00.03 includes the following functions:

The new Liquid Cooled power units and filters are supported (see Entry ID 97551534)

Detailed improvements in the integrated Web server:  

  •  Improved topology display:

    • Separate columns for source and target ports

    • Target ports added and the component number of the target

  • Sorting function:

    • Column sorting on each webpage

    • Indexed parameters with selection box

  • Data type conforms to the value display:

    • Units directly in the value field

    • Bit-coded parameters in the binary format

    • Hex-coded parameters in the hexadecimal format

Fast flying restart with voltage sensing:

  • The voltage at the motor output can be measured using the Voltage Sensor Modules (VSM).
    As a consequence, the flying restart function has a significantly higher degree of performance for high-rating motors.

New mode for ramp-function generator tracking for operation at the torque/power/current limit

Expanded technology functions:

  • Tabular comparison of DCC charts as a component of the project comparison in STARTER from V4.4

  • SINAMICS OALink (Open Application Link):

    • Bidirectional coupling between two Control Units via DRIVE-CLiQ

    • User data length: 120 words per connection

    • Data transfer: cyclic, minimum cycle 1ms

    • Available in CU320-2 and CUD Advanced

DCB Studio:

  • Control Unit serial numbers can be read out as system function:

    • For improved licensing of the blocks created

    • For effective copy protection

Current DC component controller for operation with transformers with low magnetizing current to reduce line harmonics in special applications. (only involves S150)

Communication expanded to include PROFINET:

  • Modular machine concepts can be simply implemented

    • Dynamic IP address allocation (DHCP) for onboard PN interface

    • Overwriting the device name for PN interfaces

  • Identification & maintenance (I&M data):

    • Simplification of detailed diagnostic messages based on standard I&M data according to the PROFINET standard (I&M 1-4)

    • Input and display in the SIMATIC S7 hardware configuration

Safety Integrated:

  • Safety-related gearbox stage selection:

    • The safety-related gearbox stage selection allows the system switch between 8 gearbox stages (gearbox ratios) in operation via PROFIsafe.

  • Improvements regarding the usability:

    • Automatic forced checking procedure/test stop:

      • The test stop for the Extended Safety functions and F-DI/DO can be automatically executed when powering up to simply comply with requirements laid down in the applicable standards for the fault/error detection

    • Flying referencing for SLP

      • As a consequence, for SLP incremental encoders can be used

      • The axis must be at a standstill if the control transfers the position value required for referencing to the safety software in the drive.

Up until now, the usability improvements and the gearbox stage switchover were only able to be used via the Expert list.
Support in the form of screens first available with STARTER V4.4 SP1 (this is scheduled to be available from the middle of 2015).

The complete functional scope as well as detailed descriptions of the functions can be taken from the SINAMICS operating instructions, Edition 07/2014.

Limitations and functional restrictions

The general conditions and functional restrictions of the SINAMICS firmware version
V04.07.00.01 and DCC-SINAMICS V2.2.1 are documented in the liesmich.pdf (readme.pdf) file on the particular CompactFlash card and in file STARTER_V4.4 Randbedingungen.pdf on the STARTER-DVD Version V4.4.

Effective immediately, the software can be ordered as CompactFlash card by specifying the Order Nos. listed above. 

Download Siemens Industry Online Support 103433117


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