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Entry type: Application example Entry ID: 103471886, Entry date: 05/05/2017

SINAMICS DCC: Positioning and synchronism with SINAMICS DCM and CU320-2

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All DC converters of the SINAMICS DC MASTER series are offering a wide range of basic functions for different drive operations. For extensive and flexible positioning and synchronism functionalities, these basic functions have to be extended.

This application expands the synchronism and technology applications for the SINAMICS S120 drives for the usage with the SINAMICS DC MASTER. The Control Unit CU320-2 is taking part as technology-CU and takes control of the position control, generates a position setpoint as well as conditioning the actual speed and position value. To communicate with the Advanced CUD of the SINAMICS DC MASTER OALINK is used.


The application “positioning and synchronism for SINAMICS DCM with CU320-2” contains the following functions:

  • The functions from the basic applications with a measuring wheel as leading value source:
    • Synchronism cam with gear and positioning,
    • Synchronism gear and positioning,
    • Synchronism gear,
    • 1:1 synchronism,
    • Positioning without synchronism,
    • Flying Saw,
    • Crosscutter.
  • Position control – the position controller of the basic applications will be complemented in the DCC-charts on the CU320-2: The output of the position controller coupled with the speed pre-control result in the speed setpoint for the SINAMICS DCM. This speed setpoint is send to the Advanced CU via OA-Link.
  • State – and fault monitoring – the status of the OALINK communication and the status of the position control is monitored at the SINAMICS DCM.
  • Communication – all status and control words for the application are received and send from the Advanced CUD and forwarded to the CU320-2 via OALINK.


  Motion Control Applications with SINAMICS DCM 05/2017 (1,7 MB)
  DCB Extension libraries V4.1 (2,9 MB)

See Item "SINAMICS S120 DCB library 'GMC' and 'Math Extended' " 72839973

 Registrierung notwendig  DCM Synchronism Technology V4.1 (2,1 MB) 

Please use the below versions for synchronism and technology in conjunction with this application:
 Registrierung notwendig  Synchronism and Technology Applications 05/2017 (47,1 MB)

The following DCB-Libraries are necessary for this application
 Registrierung notwendig  GMC V4.1 SINAMICS 4.8 (1,0 MB)
 Registrierung notwendig  Math Extended V1.0 SINAMICS 4.7 (173,1 KB)

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