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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 103474993, Entry date: 10/14/2014

To protect against indirectly touching part of the motor circuit of a converter and to automatically shut down in the case of a fault according to DIN EN 60364-4-41 (VDE 0100-410).

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In electrical systems that include converters, protection must be provided against electric shock for the overall system. This also includes motors fed from converters.

To release plants/machines after erection and installation and for subsequent testing, the following preconditions are provided along with an explanation for the test technician/test engineer:


  • The installation instructions provided in the equipment manual for the converter have been complied with, especially regarding
    • Potential bonding
    • Conductor/wire cross-section
    • Protection/fusing
  • The valid standards when installing were complied with
    • DIN EN 50178 (VDE 0160)
    • DIN EN 60204-1 (VDE 0113-1)
    • DIN EN 60364-5-52 (VDE 0100-520) and
    • DIN EN 60364-5-54 (VDE 0100-540).
  • The protective conductor is a continuous according to IEC 60364-6 (VDE 0100-600).

Manufacturer's declaration

Assuming that the previously mentioned preconditions are fulfilled, the following converter series

  • SIMATIC ET200pro and

satisfy the requirements laid down in DIN EN 60364-4-41 (VDE 0100-410) and comply with the specified shut down times. See also 109476638.

The explanation is based on the following:

  • In the case of a short-circuit with negligible impedance with respect to ground, the converter interrupts the circuit within the shortest time (<< 100 ms). As a consequence, there is a very high impedance between the converter DC link and the output (> 1 MOhm) so that the possible voltage as result of the voltage divider comprising the impedance of the ground connection between the motor and converter is less than 50 VAC or 120 VDC.


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