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Using the Mobile Panels 2nd generation in Fail-Safe Applications

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Configuration instructions for the KTP400F, KTP700F Mobile and KTP900F Mobile

The application describes an example of how

  • the Emergency stop / Stop button
  • and the enabling switch

of the KTP400F / KTP700F / KTP900F Mobile, can be integrated into a fail-safe application.

The application consists of two parts.

1. Getting Started (minimal configuration):
  • The documentation lists the required settings that are necessary for communication between an
    F-CPU and a KTP400F / KTP700F Mobile or Mobile KTP900F via PROFIsafe.
  • The example project includes a default configuration.


2. Application description (Example):
  • A robot to be operated is located in an area protected by a safety fence. For adjustment and maintenance work, this area can be entered through a safety door.

"Service mode":
Safety door open. When the safety door is open, an enabling button must be additionally pressed to operate the robot. The operating mode is selected using a key-operated switch.

"Manual/Automatic mode":
When the safety door is closed, the robot is operated in Manual/Automatic mode. The "Manual mode" selection is password protected.

Emergency stop command device:
An emergency stop command device must be available during operation in the protected area.
Another emergency stop command device must be available outside the safety fence.

The risk analysis for the safety function requires PL e according to ISO 13849-1 / SIL 3 according to IEC 62061.

  • The example project includes all specified program steps. 


Documentation and example project
The project was created with WinCC V14 SP1.

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