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Entry type: FAQ Entry ID: 103623190, Entry date: 10/31/2014

SIMOTICS 1PH8 with holding brake: Motor selection when commissioning without a holding brake

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When commissioning a 1PH8 motor with holding brake and without DRIVE-CLiQ, the motor MLFB cannot be selected in the STARTER commissioning tool SINUMERIK Operate. A motor without holding brake must be selected.

Why are 1PH8 motors with holding brake not listed in STARTER and SINUMERIK Operate when selecting a motor?

Only 1PH8 motors without holding brake are listed in the motor selection of the commissioning tool. For the article number (MLFB), the eighth position (MLFB-8) = “1“ for induction motors or “2“ for synchronous motors.
When using motors with holding brake, i.e. the MLFB-8 is = “3“ or “4“, in spite of this, in the commissioning tool, a “1“ or “2“ must be selected for the eighth position. The brake is selected in a subsequent dialog box.

Reason: Motors with and without holding brake have the same setting data, and therefore the same motor code number.

Possible commission tools for SIMOTICS 1PH8 motors: