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In WinCC (TIA Portal), how do you edit graphics which are used in faceplates?

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Learn how to change graphics used in faceplates simultaneously at each point of use by linking the graphics to the project graphics and editing them there centrally.

In WinCC (TIA Portal), project-related graphics are managed in the project graphics. You can also use an external tool in addition to picture editing in the TIA Portal.
Faceplates are a special case. They are not linked to the graphics of the project and are not stored in the project library, so that pictures used in the blocks have to be edited in a different way. Only the pictures contained in the graphics can be edited using the "Edit" command in the pop-up menu.

Fig. 01 

Instructions for extending graphics and editing faceplates

Extending graphics of a faceplate

  1. Open the project library of your project and under "Types" mark the version of the faceplate that you want to change.
  2. Right-click to open the pop-up menu and select the "Edit type" item.

    Fig. 02
    The faceplate editor opens.

  3. Extend the faceplate by inserting a graphics display from the "Basic objects". You do this by marking the corresponding icon in the "Basic objects" palette and dragging and dropping it into the working area.

    Fig. 03
  4. In the inspector window, you open the "Properties" tab and there you select the graphics item that you want to see in the graphics display (in this example: "P_IK10_XX_01958I"). Confirm the selection by clicking the "Apply" button.

    Fig. 04
  5. The selected picture is inserted in the graphics display.

Editing graphics in the faceplate

  1. Mark the graphics display that contains the picture to be edited. Right-click to open the pop-up menu and select the "Edit graphic" command.

    Fig. 05
  2. In the "Edit graphic..." dialog that opens you select the option "Edit graphic centrally. ..." and confirm your selection with "OK".

    Fig. 06

    With the option "Edit graphic centrally. ..." the graphics file is modified centrally. In this way all the picture instances of the graphics object linked to the graphics displays are changed. If, on the other hand, you select "Edit graphic. ...", only the graphic of the selected graphics display is changed. The other points of use of the graphic remain unchanged.

  3. The MS Paint graphics editor opens. Use it to make the required changes and save the graphic (in this example a black arrow pointing to an Ethernet port is added to the graphic "P_IK10_XX_01958I"). Then close the graphics editor. No further action is required. Use the Export Graphics Tool for editing the graphics with a different graphics editor.
  4. All points of use of the graphic in the faceplate now show the changed picture.

    Fig. 07
  5. Remove any graphics displays no longer required from your faceplate by marking the graphics display concerned and then executing the "Delete" command in the pop-up menu.
  6. Close the editor and then save the changed faceplate with a new version number.

Further Information

  • Basic information on the topic of "Working with faceplates" is available in the TIA Portal V15 system manual in Entry ID: 109755202 (chapter 13 "Visualizing procsses" > chapter 1.7 "Working with faceplates).
  • The application in Entry ID 68014632 provides instructions for how to create faceplates for WinCC Runtime Advanced and Comfort Panels.
  • The Export Graphics Tool is available in Entry ID 109562021.

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