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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 10421275, Entry date: 02/26/2002

Information and restrictions on operating drives with Drive ES with SIMATIC S7-400 CPUs, from firmware release V3.0 and STEP7 V5.1 SP3

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The new CPUs, from FW release V3.0 from the hardware range of the S7-400 and the expanded functionality in STEP7 V5.1 SP3 regarding PROFIBUS-DPV1 are still not supported by the Drive ES SIMATIC V5.1 and Drive ES Basic V5.1 SP1 products.
This can mean that fault messages regarding inconsistent data can occur if the default settings are kept in the HW Config when "saving and compiling".

Order Nos.[MLFBs] involved:

Order No.

Product designation
6SW1700-5JA00-1AA0 Drive ES Basic V5.1 and V5.1 SP1,
single license
6SW1700-5JA00-1AA4 Upgrade Drive ES Basic V5.x to V5.1 SP1, single license
6SW1700-5JA00-1AA1 Drive ES Basic V5.1 SP1,
coying license
6SW1700-5JC00-1AA0 Drive ES SIMATIC V5.1,
single license
6SW1700-5JC00-1AA4 Upgrade Drive ES SIMATIC V5.0 to V5.1,
single license

Using Drive ES, the Siemens MASTERDRIVES, MICROMASTER, SIMODRIVE and SIMOREG drive series are integrated into the SIMATIC environment as so-called S7 slaves with a significantly increased degree of functionality with respect to a standard DP slave.
Up until now, these S7 slaves were addressed from all SIMATIC-CPUs and PROFIBUS-CPs as PROFIBUS Master in the S7 compatible mode.

With the introduction of the DPV1 utilities (DPV1 services) according to the PROFIBUS standard in the SIMATIC S7-PROFIBUS Master, expanded functionality is also required in the configuring software so that the DPV1 utilities can also be handled in compliance with the PROFIBUS Standard. This DPV1 functionality is included in the
CPU 318-2DP as well as the 400 series CPUs from firmware release V3.0. This is in addition to the S7 functionality.

The DPV1 mode is the default setting for all CPUs from FW release V3.0.

Using Drive ES, how can the drives be continued to be operated with these CPUs?

These CPUs allow the PROFIBUS operating mode to be changed-over from "DPV1" to "S7 compatible ". In the S7 compatible mode, the drives can be operated with these CPUs as before.

The following setting should be made:

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