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PROFInet products in the first stage of delivery

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Which PROFInet products does Siemens offer?

Siemens offers the following PROFInet in the first stage of delivery:

  • PROFInet products
    • WinAC PN V1.1, soft PLC for process control by computer based on WinAC Basis V3.0 with PROXY functionality between Ethernet and PROFIBUS
    • IE/PB link, proxy for PROFIBUS slaves
    • CP343-1 PN, PROFInet link for S7-300 CPU without change of hardware
  • PROFIBUS products
    • Distributed I/Os ET200S (IM157) and ET200X (BM147) with own CPU
    • DP slaves, S7 slaves without own functionality
    • S7-300 CPU as intelligent slave
  • Software
    • OPC server PN, access to system tags via Tag File from SIMATIC iMap
    • SIMATIC iMap, configuration software for PROFInet interconnections
    • HMI software SIMATIC ProTool/Pro

OPs cannot be created as components. It is not possible to incorporate OPs into the PROFInet concept.

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