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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 104981189, Entry date: 01/08/2015

Product Announcement: New Revised IM 153-2 Interface Module for PA Link

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This is to announce the new and revised IM 153-2 Interface Module for the PA Link. The delivery release is planned for January 2015.

The new interface module with article number 6ES7153-2BA70-0XB0 is functionally compatible with the previous module with article number 6ES7153-2BA82-0XB0; it is also replacement-compatible.

Due to the fact that the new interface module with article number 6ES7153-2BA70-0XB0 can no longer be used together with the bus module with article number 6ES7195-7HE80-0XA0, the following options exist for the replacement of the interface module with article number 6ES7157-0AA81-0XA0, which was discontinued effective December 15, 2013:

  • Replacement of bus module and interface module in your system
  • Stocking up with interface module(s) with article number 6ES7153-2BA82-0XB0 as future spare part(s) (last time purchases are possible until March 31, 2015)

Please bear in mind that redundantly connected IM 153-2 interface modules must be identical in article number, hardware release and firmware version. For details on compatibility and redundant operation please see the operating instructions and the product information:

Operating instructions: 1142696

Product information: 26269778

We wish to inform you about the intended replacement at this early stage to enable you to make last time purchases of the still available interface module with article number 6ES7153-2BA82-0XB0. This interface module will remain available for normal ordering as new part until March 31, 2015. Thereafter any remaining stocks will be sold out and future orders automatically switched to the new article number.

In this context please also note the information on the introduction of the new revised IM 153-2 interface module for ET 200M (as from 2015) in entry ID 95886014.

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