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 Monitoring and Control with the LOGO! CMR Module

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The provided programs and the documentation show the possible application areas of the LOGO! CMR20X0 communication module. A wide range of functions is covered here, from “sending and receiving of SMS”, over “time-of-day synchronization”, to “tracking of position data”.

The devices from the LOGO! series enable solving small automation tasks quickly and efficiently. The modules of LOGO! 8 expand the function spectrum and cover further requirements.

The figure below shows an overview of the most important components of the solution:

Fig. 01

The following scenarios are realized:

  1. Sending an SMS to a defined recipient depending on the state of the process (here temperature monitoring).
  2. Controlling a process by means of SMS (here fan control).
  3. Controlling an outlet flap in animal breeding depending on the local sunrise and sunset using time-of-day synchronization.
  4. Tracking the position of containers via GPS.

This application offers you the following advantages:

  LOGO_CMR_en.pdf (1,8 MB)

The zip-file contains the following elements:

  • the LOGO!Soft Comfort project.
  • the WinCC V13 Basic project.
  • a configuration file for LOGO! CMR2020.
  • an Excel macro.
  • an Excel file with GPS data as an example

 Registrierung notwendig LogoCMR_Projekt_en.zip (3,1 MB)


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