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Plant Configurations, Installation and Commissioning for SIMATIC Process Historian and SIMATIC Information Server for WinCC and WinCC Runtime Professional

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SIMATIC Information Server and SIMATIC Process Historian can be used in different plant configurations. Select the configuration suitable for you and commission the IS and PH.

The SIMATIC Process Historian provides you with a central archiving system for storing long-term relevant process data, such as process values and messages.The Information Server is an open web-based reporting system for interactive reports.

SIMATIC Process Historian
The SIMATIC Process Historian enables archiving historic data that originates from WinCC/WinCC Professional/PCS 7 OS or SIMATIC BATCH.
These data can belong to various projects.:

  • WinCC
  • WinCC Runtime Professional
  • PCS 7

SIMATIC Information Server
With the SIMATIC Information Server, reports can be generated and viewed in Internet Explorer, Excel, Word or PowerPoint, as well as Adobe Reader (PDF).
The SIMATIC Information Server has access to archived process values and messages in the Process Historian as well as directly in WinCC, WinCC Runtime Professional and PCS 7.

  Basics and Plant Configuration of PH and IS (777,5 KB)
  Installation and Commissioning of PH and IS (6,5 MB)

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