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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 107732671, Entry date: 07/16/2015

Discontinuation of SIMATIC IPC USB Flash Drive, 8 GB, 6ES7648-0DC50-0AA0

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The SIMATIC IPC USB Flash Drive, 8 GB, 6ES7648-0DC50-0AA0 will be discontinued at the end of Q1/2015. Two new memory versions will be available as successors at the beginning of Q1/2015.

The SIMATIC IPC USB Flash Drive, 8 GB, 6ES7648-0DC50-0AA0 is being replaced by two successors.

Version A:

SIMATIC HMI USB Flash Drive, 16 GB, 6ES7648-0DC60-0AA0 is the adequate successor for current and new SIMATIC HMI Panels and IPCs. It offers significantly more memory at a lower price.
Note: This flash drive does not support Classic Panels such as TPs, OPs, and Multi Panels.

Version B:

SIMATIC HMI USB Flash Drive, 8 GB, 6AV2181-8AS20-0AX0 is the successor for SIMATIC HMI Classic Panels, e.g. TPs, OPs and Multi Panels with a USB interface. It offers the same amount of memory.

You can find additional technical specifications and the current prices in the Industry Mall or in Prodis. Product data sheets are also available here for download.

Quick overview of successors:

6ES7648-0DC50-0AA0   ------>  6ES7648-0DC60-0AA0  (IPC, Comfort and Basic Panels)
6ES7648-0DC50-0AA0   ------>  6AV2181-8AS20-0AX0  (TD, OP and Multi Panels)


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