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Entry type: Download Entry ID: 10786605, Entry date: 10/07/2002

"Safecard on LAN" (SOL): remote PC diagnostics software

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The "Safecard on LAN" (SOL) software is now available from SIMATIC PC to minimize system downtimes.
This software supports simple configuration of distributed monitoring structures and the telemonitoring of PC functions by Ethernet. By using the software, you can evaluate critical PC states over the network and send them for alert purposes by e-mail, for example. Alerting by SMS is in preparation.

Software status:
SOL version (approx. 2.6 MB, including documentation)

This software can be used for the following products:
- SIMATIC Rack PC 840 (MLFB: 6ES7643-6....-...0)
- SIMATIC Box PC 620 (MLFB: 6ES7647-5....-...0)
- SIMATIC Box PC 840 (MLFB: 6ES7647-4....-...0)


Change note: 14.10.2003
The free of charge software Safecard on Motherboard (SOL) is no longer available via download since this software has been replaced by the new product
"SIMATIC PC DiagMonitor". The new software offers the customer much more functionality, like communication via SMS, OPC, operating time counter, and improved possibility to minimize system downtimes. For additional informations about SIMATIC PC DiagMonitor please have a look at Prodis news 17000077

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