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Safety for Buildings with LOGO! 8 and LOGO! CMR (Set 12)

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The LOGO! 8 and the LOGO! CMR can be used to monitor a building and notify the user locally or via SMS in the event of a risk.

In building management systems, risk prevention and timely alarming play an ever increasing role. With this in mind, the following areas of a building should be monitored with sensors:

  • Basement for unexpected water ingress
  • Duct under basement of building for overflow of the ground-water level
  • Ground floor and basement windows for housebreaking
  • Rooms for housebreaking
  • All building areas for fire

If one of the above mentioned faults or risks occur, the user is to be informed via SMS.

The figure below shows an overview of the most important components of the solution:

Figure 1

The automation solution uses a LOGO! 8 connected to a LOGO! CMR module to monitor building areas and functions.
If a fault or risk occurs, an SMS is sent to the user and an alarm message is displayed on site on the LOGO! display. In addition, an acoustic alarm device with flashing light is activated in the building.

This application example on hand offers you the following advantages:

  • Cost-effective and simple security monitoring of buildings
  • Very user friendly thanks to automatic alarm function via SMS in case of a fault or risk in the building
  • Prevention of water damage to floors and walls in the building
  • Expandable with additional sensors
  • Sends alarm messages in case of wire break or possible sabotage of the wires
  • Planning safety due to a configuration successfully tested
  • Error prevention with tested code and step-by-step instructions

Documentation and Example Project
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Registration required LOGO!Soft Comfort project and configuration file for LOGO! CMR (81.1 KB)

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