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Technical documentation SIMOTICS

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Regardless of which application you are dealing with, whether you are doing a quick search online for help for a current machine message during operation, you want to familiarize yourself with a product, or you would like to compile your individual documentation: You will find the right current editions of the technical document. in electronic form, on data carriers, and printed.

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List of publications in section "Technical documentation on paper"

Electronic technical documentation (read, load, compile)

In the Siemens Industry Online Support portal, we provide you with our technical documentation in PDF format (download) or for use in the MyDocumentation Manager (configurable documentation).

The documentation for SIMOTICS is always kept up to date. Manuals that are no longer applicable are replaced in Siemens Industry Online Support by a newer version.

How do I find the technical documentation?

In the Siemens Industry Online Support, filter the existing technical documentation under “Manual”:

Technical documentation on paper

In the PDF files provided for download, you will find an overview of the technical documentation that can be ordered as printed copies. For versions in languages that are not included, please contact your local contact person. Not all of the documents of the technical documentation can be ordered as printed copies. You will find the complete technical documentation in the Siemens Industry Online Support.


Technical documentation on data carriers

The publication of a SIMOTICS Manual Collection on DVD has been discontinued. The current documentation is available online at “Siemens Industry Online Support.

The last available manual collection was published in 2010:



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Manual collection for motors on CD-ROM

You can also find documentation on relevant SIMOTICS motors on the DVDs of the SINUMERIK and SINAMICS product families.  

Legal information

Am I allowed to further process the technical documentation?

If the SIEMENS documentation is adopted into the customer documentation and if any further processing is done, you must ensure that the safety information is retained and remains visible. Moreover, the contractual agreements regarding the provision of documentation on data carriers apply.

What additional conditions apply to the provision of documents?

  1. The customer receives the technical documentation cited in the order confirmation (hereafter called “Documentation”) in electronic form or on a data carrier.
  2. The customer has the non-time limited and non-exclusive right, for the creation of technical documentation for his machines which are equipped with electrical equipment from Siemens and software described in the documentation, to modify the documentation in extracts, to reproduce it in altered or unaltered form, and to make it available on paper or data carriers to third parties as part of this technical documentation (hereafter called “Machine documentation”).
  3. The customer accepts sole responsibility when distributing the machine documentation in altered or unaltered form.  
  4. The customer shall not remove any copyright notices by Siemens from the documentation. If the customer modifies the documentation, however, he will add his own suitable copyright notice, indicating that he modified the documentation. The customer is not authorized to use the SIEMENS logo and will remove it from the parts of the documentation that are reproduced by him. If Siemens trademarks are used in the machine documentation, he will make appropriate notices to the effect that the trademarks are Siemens AG trademarks (for example, by adding a note such as “SINUMERIK is a registered trademark of Siemens AG”).
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