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Monitoring Energy Consumption with LOGO! 8 and LOGO! CMR (Set 2)

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The energy consumption of street lights can be monitored by means of a LOGO! 8 connected to an energy meter. If the energy consumption is above or short of a certain value, a warning message is sent by the LOGO! CMR via SMS. In addition, it is possible at any time to request the current energy consumption via SMS.

In the industrial environment, the topic of energy saving is of great importance. When implementing building automation or street lighting, the aim is to plan as energy efficient as possible. Remote monitoring of street lights plays a central role in this. The energy consumption of the street lights in a street shall be measured and monitored. If the energy consumption exceeds or falls below a certain limit, the user shall be informed via SMS as well as locally on site. In addition, polling the current energy consumption shall be possible via SMS or locally on site at any time.

The figure below shows an overview of the most important components of the solution:

In the automation solution, the energy consumption of the street lights is measured using an energy meter. The energy meter forwards the energy consumption to LOGO! 8 in form of pulse signals. LOGO! 8 evaluates the pulse signals. If the number of measured pulse signals exceeds a defined value, this will be interpreted as an error. A possible error source is third-party utilization of the energy source. If the number of measured pulse signals falls short of a defined value, then this will also be interpreted as an error. A possible error source is a defective energy source. As soon as an error occurs, a warning message is sent from LOGO! CMR20x0 to the user via SMS. Furthermore, a warning message is output on the LOGO! display and on LOGO! TDE. The warning messages can be acknowledged locally via the LOGO! and LOGO! TDE cursor keys. The time of day of the LOGO! controller is synchronized with an NTP server using LOGO! CMR20x0, so that LOGO! constantly has the correct UTC time.

This application offers you the following advantages:

  • saving energy by means of an early-on alert about a third-party using the energy source.
  • Reducing costs by means of early-on warning and reduced maintenance workload in the event of a defective energy source.
  • Reading the current energy consumption remotely is possible at any time by means of remote access via SMS.

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