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SIMOTION, PROFINET: A SIMOTION is also connected to a controller as I-Device in the same project

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SIMOTION, PROFINET: A SIMOTION is also connected to a controller as I-Device in the same project, however communication cannot be established.

Why can't I establish communication to the I-Device?


 •  Possible cause:
If a controller is integrated as I-Device in the same project, when inserting the device, STEP7 Manager renames the I-Device, as a participant/node with this name already exists in the network. As a consequence, communication cannot be established to the I-Device, as the I-Device does not have the configured device name.

The I-Device is marked as "missing" in the diagnostics buffer and in the online view (HW Manager).

 •  Solution:
The I-Device must be correctly renamed.
After renaming, two devices with the same name exist in the network, as controller and as I-Device.

 •  Example:
     •  For example, in the project, a controller has the name "SIMOTION-PNxIO".
     •  This controller is connected as I-Device to another controller via the STEP7 HW Manager
        in the same project, e.g. to an S7.
     •  As a consequence, the I-Device is assigned device name "SIMOTION-PNxIO-1".
     •  The S7 controller now attempts to address a device with device name "SIMOTION-PNxIO-1"
             – which does not exist.
     •  The name of the I-Device must be restored to "SIMOTION-PNxIO".

 •  Screenshots:
Screenshot from STEP7 NetPro with different names, although it involves the same device.

Bild 01

After renaming "SIMOTION-PNxIO-1" to "SIMOTION-PNxIO", the following message is displayed, which must be acknowledged with "Yes":


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