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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109218898, Entry date: 02/12/2015

Delivery release for SIMOTION motion control system - SCOUT TIA Software Version V4.4 HF5

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SIMOTION SCOUT TIA V4.4 HF5 has been released with immediate effect.

This release refers to:

  • TIA Portal client setup for SIMOTION SCOUT TIA V4.4 HF5 (incl. CamTool V3.0 SP3 HF1)
  • SIMOTION SCOUT Migration Tool Plug-in V4.4 HF5

The software component listed above is available through the Internet product support pages (see Downloads).

Hotfix 5 for SIMOTION SCOUT TIA V4.4 established the basic compatibility to the current Service Pack of the TIA Portal (V13 SP1)!

Further, the following functions are also provided:

  • PROFINET / Safety: F-Proxy via GSDML (I-Device)
  • PROFINET / Safety: Max. 64 safety axes (I-Device)

Further, several functional restrictions have been eliminated (further details are provided in the Readme.rtf ( 54 KB ) ).

An overview of versions / version changes is provided here:
SIMOTION inside the TIA Portal - Details ( 295 KB )

Please note that lower SIMOTION SCOUT TIA V4.4 HF versions (HF2 and HF4) may only be used with TIA Portal V13. For TIA Portal V13 SP1, the SIMOTION SCOUT TIA V4.4 HF5 issued here is currently required. This analogously applies to the migration tool for V13 SP1 and the SIMOTION SCOUT migration tool PlugIn.

Hotfix 4 is still the latest version for SCOUT / SCOUT Standalone as well as SIMOTION Runtime software for C2xx and D4xx-2. (see 107586910 ). This can still be used in combination with SIMOTION SCOUT TIA V4.4 HF5.

The standard delivery versionstill remains the SIMOTION software version V4.4 HF1/2 (see 96311883).


Requirement for the installation is

  • TIA Portal V13 SP1 must be installed on the engineering computer (SCOUT TIA is a TIA Portal client setup)

Once these preconditions have been satisfied, SCOUT TIA setup can be installed. After installation, the SIMOTION SCOUT engineering system has the version:

  • SIMOTION SCOUT TIA V4.4.0.5 (Internal Identifier:

When migrating from TIA Portal V13 to V13 SP1, the projects in the TIA Portal must be upgraded or operated in compatibility mode.

The current SIMOTION compatibility list with the combinations of software and hardware can be found under 18857317

Additional information

Additional information on SIMOTION SCOUT TIA V4.4 HF5 is available in the readme file.

/cs/pool/doc.gif Liesmich.rtf ( 153 KB )

/cs/pool/doc.gif Readme.rtf ( 54 KB )


The following download is available through the Internet product support pages:

  • SIMOTION SCOUT TIA V4.4 HF5 TIA Portal client setup, see 109219402

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