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Entry type: Download Entry ID: 109219402, Entry date: 02/11/2015

SIMOTION - SCOUT TIA software version V4.4 HF5

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Downloading hotfix 5 for the SIMOTION SCOUT TIA V4.4 engineering system

For SCOUT TIA V44 the hotfix HF11 is avaible, you can download SCOUT TIA V4.4 HF11 here: 109480713 

The download includes the following components:

  • TIA Portal client setup for SIMOTION SCOUT TIA V4.4 HF5 (incl. CamTool V3.0 SP3 HF1)
  • SIMOTION SCOUT Migration Tool Plug-in V4.4 HF5

The setup of hotfix 5 for SCOUT TIA V4.4 is a TIA Portal client setup.
The prerequisite is that TIA Portal V13 SP1 has already been installed on the engineering computer.

Please note that lower SIMOTION SCOUT TIA V4.4 HF versions (HF2 and HF4) can only be run with TIA Portal V13.
SIMOTION SCOUT TIA V4.4 HF5 is required for TIA Portal V13 SP1.
This also applies with regard to the Migration Tool for V13 SP1 and the SIMOTION SCOUT Migration Tool Plug-in.

Additional information on the V4.4 HF5 is provided in the notification of release for delivery under entry ID 109218898.

The compressed files for SCOUT TIA V4.4 HF5  include the following components:

  • TIA Portal client setup for SIMOTION SCOUT TIA V4.4 HF5 (incl. CamTool V3.0 SP3 HF1)
  • Start.exe
  • Start.exe.manifest
  • Subfolders
    • Disk1
    • MigTool
    • ScoutTia
  • Readme files
    • Liesmich.rtf
    • Readme.rtf
    • Leggimi.rtf
    • Lisezmoi.rtf

Safety information
Please read item ID 109740097

Download notes
The download is split into several files. As a first step, please download all parts to the same folder, and execute the .exe file. Then the parts are merged and you can start the setup.

SIMOTION_SCOUT_TIA_V44_HF5_for_TIAP_V13_SP1.exe ( 2657 KB )
SIMOTION_SCOUT_TIA_V44_HF5_for_TIAP_V13_SP1.001 ( 683593 KB )
SIMOTION_SCOUT_TIA_V44_HF5_for_TIAP_V13_SP1.002 ( 683593 KB )
SIMOTION_SCOUT_TIA_V44_HF5_for_TIAP_V13_SP1.003 ( 683593 KB )
SIMOTION_SCOUT_TIA_V44_HF5_for_TIAP_V13_SP1.004 ( 308332 KB )


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