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SIMOTION Tutorials

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Two further tutorials have been added to our series. Find out how you can reduce your development and commissioning times with the SIMOTION easyProject project generator, using standard modules and automatic project generation. Furthermore, in our third webserver tutorial you can learn how to integrate your own web pages into the controller.

As motion control system, in addition to classic PLC functionality, SIMOTION also has comprehensive motion control and technology functions. Even the most complex automation concepts with demanding motion control requirements can be implemented with the three hardware platforms (PC, controller and drive-based).

SIMOTION Tutorials provide you with an insight into configuring typical automation tasks. You will learn about the individual configuring steps – including commissioning and diagnostics as well as about the tools that are available. The tutorials are modular so that you can also obtain specific information about individual topics.

To enjoy the complete functional scope of the tutorials, you will require a loud speaker or headphones. An offline version can be downloaded if you cannot run the tutorials online using your browser.








SIMOTION SCOUT TIA allows you to implement motion control, PLC and technology tasks in a unified and integrated system and provides you with all of the tools required: From programming and parameterizing through testing and commissioning up to diagnostics.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a simple sample project using the SIMOTION SCOUT TIA engineering system. This will allow you to obtain an insight into the typical configuration steps and learn about the SIMOTION SCOUT TIA and TIA Portal tools.



  • Creating a project
  • Configuring the SIMOTION controller and a drive
  • Testing an axis with the axis control panel
  • Programming a SIMOTION application in MCC and LAD/FBD
  • Configuring the execution system
  • Monitoring the program execution, e.g. using the trace and program status


View tutorial

Depending on the bandwidth of your Internet access, the tutorial starts with a delay in the range of minutes.

  Download tutorial (file)
Approx. 60 minutes


SIMOTION Web Server 

Efficient commissioning and diagnostics via web server






All SIMOTION controllers are equipped with an integrated web server. By means of this web server, machine manufacturers and users can conveniently perform commissioning as well as diagnostic and service work on machines and systems without requiring additional engineering tools.

This tutorial provides an overview about the various options provided by the SIMOTION Web Server –  from standard diagnostic pages through to user-defined web sites.



  • Diagnostic options using device information and diagnostic buffer
  • Service overview
  • Watch tables and trace functions
  • Device update
  • Storage of diagnostic data
  • Possibilities of user-defined web sites


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Depending on the bandwidth of your Internet access, the tutorial starts with a delay in the range of minutes.

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Approx. 15 minutes

Security and user management









In this tutorial, you can learn more about the different security mechanisms provided by the SIMOTION web server to protect your system against attacks.



  • Security concept using several security levels
  • Setup of an encrypted HTTPS connection
  • Setup of a user management system
  • Creation of users and user groups
  • Activation and deactivation of web services


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Depending on the bandwidth of your Internet access, the tutorial starts with a delay in the range of minutes.

 Download tutorial (file)
Approx. 20 minutes

User-defined web pages










An elegant and customized diagnostic overview of your machine or user-friendly online support for commissioning - and it can all be done with a standard web browser: In this tutorial you will learn how you can create user-defined web pages and integrate them into the web server of the SIMOTION controller.



  • Benefits of using user-defined web pages

  • Loading web pages onto the SIMOTION control system
  • Integrating user-defined web pages in the SIMOTION Webserver

    • Menu editor
    • Specifying the home page
    • Specifying access rights
  • Access to process values of the controller by means of HTML and JavaScript
  • Overview of all the different methods and their practical application
  • Explanation on the basis of simple programming examples



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Depending on the bandwidth of your Internet access, the start of the tutorial may be delayed by a matter of minutes.

 Download tutorial (file)

Demo project for the tutorial

  CustomWebPagesTUTORIAL.zip (1,7 MB)


Supplementary information (e.g. necessary preparations for the demo project, installation guidelines for the web editor used)
  Readme.pdf (612,2 KB)

  Approx. 25 minutes


SIMOTION easyProject – a few clicks to an executable project






The key to short development and commissioning times and thus to internationally competitive production machines is efficient engineering.
The SIMOTION easyProject project generator makes this possible by means of the consistent use of standard modules, combined with the automatic generation of engineering projects.
Tried and tested basic functions are linked with technology, communications and application modules, automatically creating an executable and loadable motion control project..

  • SIMOTION easyProject – the project generator
  • Software modules 
    • Overview of available standard modules
    • User-specific modules
  • Generation of project with standard modules
  • Integration of user-specific modules in the project generator
  • Supplementing project with user-specific modules


View tutorial

Depending on the bandwidth of your Internet access, the start of the tutorial may be delayed by a matter of minutes.

 Download tutorial (file)

Supplementary information:

The user-specific module used in the tutorial
  myModule.zip (10,2 KB)

approx. 15 minutes


SIZER - Fast and convenient controller dimensioning






The SIZER configuration tool greatly simplifies the configuration for low voltage drive systems: Based on your application, this tool provides step-by-step support in defining the mechanical system and dimensioning converters, motors and gearboxes as well as controllers.

In this tutorial you learn how you can quickly and easily lay out a SIMOTION controller, how you can determine the controller utilization rate with minimal effort by using the quick-dimensioning function, and how you can use the interface to the TIA selection tool.

This tutorial focuses on controller configuration and assumes the use of a configured drive system.

If you would like to adjust the tutorial, you may use your own drive configuration. As an alternative, you may also download an appropriate SIZER project.

In principle, the procedure shown for the SIMOTION controllers can also be used for SIMATIC controllers.



  • Creating a controller
  • Assigning a drive system to a controller
  • Configuring the technological objects (axis technologies, cams, measuring probes, transducers)
  • Selecting an appropriate controller
  • Using licenses and accessories
  • Configuring additional components via the TIA Selection Tool
  • Using quick-dimensioning for fast determination of the controller utilization rate



View tutorial

The start of the tutorial may be delayed for a few minutes, depending on the bandwidth of your Internet Connection.

 Download tutorial (file)

Additional information:

  • Basic project for tutorial (for SIZER ≥ V3.13 HF1)

  Packaging_Line.zip (227,4 KB)

  • Download SIZER:


  • Download TIA Selection Tool:


Approx. 25 minutes


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