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SIPLUS extreme – Phase-out Announcement for 6AG1936-3BA00-4AA0 SIPLUS PS MODULAR 20A

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As a result of the type discontinuation for the product SITOP PSU300M 20 A (6EP1436-3BA10), the power supply SIPLUS PS MODULAR 20A will be discontinued effective April 01, 2015. The SIPLUS extreme product family features refined components on the basis of Siemens Industry standard products.

Ordering data

DescriptionSIPLUS order numberBasedOn order numberArea of applicationStatus
SIPLUS PS MODULAR 20A6AG1936-3BA00-4AA06EP1336-3BA00With conformal coating

Product cancellation
effective April 01, 2015

End of product life cycle
effective June 01, 2015

Area of application

Ambient conditionsRelative humidity100% RH - condensation permissible - no commissioning in condensed state
Biologically active substancesCompliance with EN 60721-3-3, class 3B2 mold and fungal spores (except for fauna) 2)
Chemically active substancesCompliance with EN 60721-3-3, class 3C4, including salt mist 1) 2)
Mechanically active substancesCompliance with EN 60721-3-3, Class 3S4 including sand, dust 2)
Air pressure - Installation altitudeTmin ... Tmax at 1080 hPa ... 795 hPa (-1000 m ... +2000 m) // Tmin ... (Tmax - 10K) at 795 hPa ... 658 hPa (+2000 m ... +3500 m) // Tmin ... (Tmax - 20K) at 658 hPa ... 540 hPa (+3500 m ... +5000 m)

1) Continuous load: in accordance with EN60721-3-3, Class 3C4
Limit (max. 30 min/d): in accordance with EN60721-3-3, Class 3C4

2)The supplied plug covers must remain in place over the unused interface when operated in atmospheres containing corrosive gases!

You can find information on SIPLUS products at: www.siemens.com/siplus-extreme

If you have any other questions, please contact your SIMATIC partner at your local Siemens office.

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