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How do you set up a WebKey access for COMOS in the GTAC portal?

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The WebKey access is a user-specific account for the GTAC Portal for the COMOS product. You need this to access various COMOS services like Technical Requests, Downloads and Internet Tools.

After ordering COMOS, along with the license file(s) you also receive your Sold-to ID
(via the Sold-To ID you are registered with COMOS) and your WebKey Access Code.
You can use this data to set up a WebKey access for the GTAC Portal.
You need this access to be able to use other COMOS services like the following:

  • Electronic call management and submission of technical requests
    (see Entry: 109474501)
  • Logging and status of technical requests to COMOS (QTAC)
    (see Entry: 109475801
  • Download of COMOS full versions, service packs and updates
    (see Entry:67811976)
  • Overview of COMOS releases for third-party products (operating systems, for example)

If you do not know the Sold-to ID and the WebKey Access Code, you can find this data in the upper area of the file "licence_cis[...].txt". This text file was sent to you with the delivery e-mail of your license.
If you no longer have the text file, register at
and request the information. 
Specify your Dongle ID to speed up the processing.
You then receive the "licence_cis[...] text file by e-mail.

You can also contact the Technical Support.
Support telephone numbers 

Proceed as follows to set up a WebKey access:

  1. Open the page: https://www.plm.automation.siemens.com/global/en/support/
  2. Click the "WebKey Account Management" button.


    Fig. 01

    A new page opens.
  3. Click "Create Account".

    Fig. 02

  4. Then click "Siemens PLM Standard WebKey Creation"

    Fig. 03
  5. Enter your Sold-to ID and your WebKey Access Code and click the "Continue" button.

    Fig. 04

  6. Then enter more contact details and assign a user name and a password.
    After entering all the data you click the "Submit" button.

    Fig. 05

  7. A confirmation e-mail is sent to the e-mail address you entered. Open the included link. The WebKey is activated and can then be used.

    Fig. 06 

    E-mail with activation link.


    Fig. 07
    Now you have successfully set up a WebKey access and can use the COMOS services. 

    Fig. 08

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