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SINAMICS Blocks DriveLib for the control in the TIA Portal

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Here you can find the DriveLib for the control of SINAMICS S/G converter systems with SIMATIC S7-300/400/1200/1500 in the TIA Portal.

The objective of the standard "Communication blocks for SIMATIC S7-300/400/1200/1500" blocks is the simple implementation of a cyclic or acyclic communication connection between a SIMATIC S7-300/400/1200/1500 controller and an axis of a SINAMICS S/G converter system.  

Documentation for version V14 / V14 SP1 / V15 / V15.1  Sinamics_Bausteine_TIAP_V14_072019_EN.pdf (2,9 MB)

DriveLib V522 for SIMATIC STEP 7 Professional V15.1 (Important update for the version V52!)

Additional, if Startdrive V15.1 Upd 2 (Option Package) is not installed.

DriveLib Version 522 Registrierung notwendig  109475044_drivelib_TIA15.1_V522.zip (3,4 MB)
SHA-512 ckecksum:  Registrierung notwendig  drivelib_TIA15.1_V522_sha512zip.txt (1 KB) 

DriveLib V511 for SIMATIC STEP 7 Professional V15

Additional, if Startdrive V15 Upd 4  (Option Package) is not installed.

DriveLib Version 511 Registrierung notwendig  109475044_drivelib_TIA15_V511.zip (3,3 MB)
SHA-512 ckecksum:  Registrierung notwendig  drivelib_TIA15_V511_sha512zip.txt (1 KB) 

DriveLib V501 for SIMATIC STEP 7 Professional V14 / V14 SP1

Additional, if Startdrive V14 SP1 Upd 8 (Option Package) is not installed.

This download is an update of the Startdrive V14 scenario.

DriveLib version. Recommendation: Please installe this download. 

DriveLib Version 501 Registrierung notwendig  109475044_drivelib_TIA14_V501.zip (4,4 MB)
SHA-512 ckecksum:  Registrierung notwendig  drivelib_TIA14_V501_sha512zip.txt (1 KB) 


The latest versions of the SINAMICS Startdrive can be downloaded under 109760845 

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