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Entry type: Application example Entry ID: 109475285, Entry date: 07/08/2015

Web Page Configurator for the ET 200SP AI Energy Meter ST

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For the evaluation of the performance data of electrical loads that are connected via ET 200SP AI Energy Meter ST to the distributed I/Os, web pages are generated by a tool and displayed on the web servers of a S7-1200/1500 controller.
With the help of the ET 200SP AI Energy Meter ST it is possible to record and display the electric performance data of connected electrical loads. However, it is often not desired to use a dedicated operator panel but a common PC with web browser.

The S7 1200/1500 controllers have a built-in web server that can display user-defined web pages. With the help of a free tool, the "EnergyMeterWebConfigurators" and an adjusted block library you can configure web pages that are in tune with your plant configuration with the connected loads via the energy meter. After downloading the HTML pages onto the controller, you can access the pages with a web browser via the Internet and retrieve the consumption data of the connected nodes.

This application example on hand offers you the following advantages:

  • No additional hardware expenses
  • Fast and simple adjustment to your configuration
  • “Power guzzlers" can be securely identified
  • Universal and easy access via internet
  • Dynamic display of consumption values (update with cycle time of 500 ms)


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