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SIMOVERT MASTERDRIVES: Vectorcontrol / Motioncontrol - note regarding message F148

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F148, F149, F150 und F151 are freely parameterizable messages. These messages are initiated by the associated parameter U061, U062, U063 or U064. For diagnostics, the signals assigned to parameters U06x should be evaluated.

Why is message F148 displayed on the Masterdrives display (PMU)?
How can the message be diagnosed?


A freely parameterizable fault message is signaled using F148.
F148 is interconnected with parameter U061. For instance, a binector belonging to a digital input or output terminal can be entered there. F148 is then output if the value of the binector entered in parameter U061 assumes a value of "1".
Parameter U061 can also be assigned to the output of a free function block. In this case, for troubleshooting, the chain of interconnected free function blocks must be traced back until the initiating binector is determined.
The same is true for faults F149, F150 and F151. The associated parameters are U062, U063 and U064.



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