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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109475362, Entry date: 04/13/2015

Type Discontinuation of the SIMATIC NET PROFIBUS PC Modules CP 5613 A2 and CP 5614 A2

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Because of the disccontinuation of supply of some electronic components, the CP 5613 A2 will be type discontinued effective Oct. 01, 2015. The CP 5614 A2 module will remain in phaseout status for the time being, the actual type discontinuation will depend on the remaining supplies of electronic components. The list price for both modules will be increased by 25%, effective Oct. 01, 2015.

Affected Article No.’s:

CP 5613 A2                6GK1 561-3AA01

CP 5614 A2                6GK1 561-4AA01

The follow-on products CP 5613 A3 und CP 5614 A3 were released for delivery in 2013.

Information on the new modules is available from the delivery release at entry ID  and the download of the Win XP Support Package at entry ID 103880893

If your PC has a vacant PCI-Express slot you can possibly use a CP 5623 or CP 5624 as alternative (see entry ID 37869412).

Last time purchases of the modules will be possible until end of September 2015, e.g. for legacy systems with Windows 2000.

The modules will remain available on a spare part basis for the time being.

Please speak to your local Siemens partner if you have any questions.

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