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TIA Translation Tool

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The TIA Translation Tool provides a convenient possibility to manage and translate multilingual project texts of a Totally Integrated Automation Portal project.


The reference texts are exported from the TIA Portal project and imported to the TIA Translation Tool. The TIA Translation Tool now enables the translation of the texts from the reference language into the selected or previuosly imported target languages. The translation is done either by direct entry with the aid of proposals, or automatically from one or more dictionaries.


Basic procedure:

  • Export of the project texts from the project in the Totally Integrated Automation Portal
  • Import of the project texts of all exported languages into the TIA Translation Tool
  • Manual or automatic translation into the desired target languages
  • Export of the translated texts from the TIA Translation Tool 

  • Import of the translated texts to the project in the Totally Integrated Automation Portal


You find detailed project configuration instructions here 109475709 

Important note for the use of Translation Tool with TIA Portal V15.1:

With V15.1 the language export of the TIA portal was enlarged, so that several target languages can be exported into a single XLSX file. These export files cannot be used with the Translation Tool. To still work with Translation Tool and TIA Portal V15.1, only one target language must be exported from the TIA Portal.


 Registrierung notwendig  TIATranslationTool_V2.3.1.zip (6,6 MB) 

For installation of the TIA Translation Tool please download the installation package and start the setup by double clicking the file "TIATranslationTool_setup.exe" 


V1.1.4: first Version
V1.1.5: contains the following improvements and changes:

  • After the translation with TIA Translation Tool, HMI message texts can be imported in TIA Portal, also if the texts contains tags or textlists
V2.3.0: contains the following improvements and changes:
  • New user interface
  • Work with project texts from V14, V14 SP1 and V15
  • Import / export of user dictionaries
V2.3.1: contains the following improvements and changes:
  • improvements for the import of texts with leading spaces
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