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Control Module (CM) Technology - Efficient Engineering with SIMATIC PCS 7

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The Control Module (CM) technology is used not only to optimize engineering efforts but also to enable a standardized structure of the automation program while quickly adapting to future requirements.

Standardization of engineering is an important factor for the continuous improvement of competitiveness and for achieving higher planning quality. Different process steps and procedures, different equipment and flexibility in the production make this task even more difficult.

One approach to standardization is the consistent use of control module types (CMT) to create an automation program.

This Application Example describes how to use the Control Module technology in the PCS 7 environment based on individual technology components and typical applications.

The CM technology gives additional improvements and efficiency gains in terms of engineering in PCS 7, i.e. the automation project can be continuously adapted to the changing requirements. 

Functional adaptation in the library and instantiating

The technology supports the effect on the automation program during the typical phases of engineering:

  • Concept: Developing a rough structure using a P&I scheme
  • Development: Execution of customer requirements, e.g. interlocks, process units, logic etc.
  • Test procedure: Preparing the hardware connection (sensors and actuators)

The CM technology supports not only during initial engineering phase but also for program extensions and the determination of changes to the program.

The use of CMT offers the following benefits:

  • Reduced test effort (type-based testing)
  • Faster project planning through instantiation
  • Reduced maintenance effort for libraries
  • Change tracking by detecting deviations on the instance

The Documentations was created with SIMATIC PCS 7 V8.1 and SIMATIC PCS 7 V9.0 SP1. The procedure is generally applicable as of SIMATIC PCS 7 V8.0.

The BPCM Type library requires the installation of the CFC SP2 update. The update can be download from SIMATIC PCS 7 V9.0 SP1 Software Updates.

Documentation, Library and Description for PCS 7 V9.0 SP1
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 Registrierung notwendig  BPCM Type Library for PCS 7 V9.0 SP1 (1,4 MB)
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Documentation, Library and Description for PCS 7 V8.1
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 Registrierung notwendig  BCM Type Library for PCS 7 V8.1 (4,9 MB)
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Last revision
Update to PCS 7 V9.0 SP1 with new CMT Library

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