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Remote control of S7-1200 RTU with PCS 7 TeleControl (IEC protocol)

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Technological plants can stretch over large expanses, especially in the water and waste water sectors. Storm water tanks may be connected to a central sewage plant through a channel system spanning kilometers. Remote control systems such as PCS 7 TeleControl integrate such remote terminal units directly into the high-level control system.

In this application example, a storm water tank is controlled by an S7-1200 controller and integrated into the high-level control system using PCS 7 TeleControl. The communication between PCS 7 TeleControl and the remote terminal unit is based on the IEC 60870-5-104 protocol.

Main contents

  • Description of the RTU controller program
  • Configuring the remote CP
  • Configuring the OS with PCS 7 TeleControl


  • Ready sample project as a template for self-study or training
  • Step by step guide for configuration with PCS 7 TeleControl
  • A reduction in both the time required and costs involved

  Documentation (17,0 MB)
 Registrierung notwendig  Demo project (148,0 MB)

The following software is necessary for using the sample project:

  • SIMATIC PCS 7 V8.1 with PCS 7 TeleControl V8.1
  • SIMATIC WinCC Comfort V13 SP1

How to configure technological functions with PCS 7 TeleControl or with PCS 7/OPEN OS is described in this applicaton example: 109478763

Last changes

  • Motor valve block updated in demo project
  • Documentation updated
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