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How do you query the status of your COMOS support requests?

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In this entry we explain how you can check the status of your COMOS support requests. You can do single or multiple checks.
  1. Open this web page: www.siemens.com/gtac
  2. Click the "Create or update a support ticket" button.

    Fig. 01

  3. Log in with your access data (WebKey user name and password).
    If you have not yet set up a WebKey access, you can proceed as described in Entry 109474953 .

    Fig. 02
  4. The "Create new call" page is displayed. Here you click the "Search Filter" item in the menu bar.

    Fig. 03  
  5. The "Search Filter" page is displayed. Set your criteria for the search filter and then click the "Search" button.

    Fig. 04


    If you want to check on the status of one specific request, then enter the corresponding IR ID/Call ID in
    the "Call Number" input field and then click the "Go" button.
    The status of that specific IR ID/Call ID is displayed.

    Fig. 05

  6. An overview is displayed showing all your COMOS requests with their

    Fig. 06

    If you want more detailed information about a request, you click the corresponding IR ID in the "Call ID" column.
    Then all the details of that request are displayed along with the associated e-mail correspondence.

    Fig. 07

    The status is displayed (written in full) in the Status column along with the associated "Description Code" (marked in color). If you hold the mouse pointer over the abbreviation, the associated meaning is displayed. Entry ID 109479487includes all the closure codes
    (Status and Closure Codes) for technical queries about COMOS and their meanings.

    Fig. 08

  7. You have the option of saving the overview in a list.
    For this you scroll to the bottom end of the overview.
  8. Select the output format for the file and then click the "Save Results as" button.

    Fig. 09

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