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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109475834, Entry date: 04/22/2015

Delivery Release for ET 200SP High Speed digital modules with enhanced module functions and firmware V2.0 for HS analog modules

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A digital high speed input and a digital high speed output module, both with 3 operating modes, for the scalable SIMATIC ET 200SP I/O system have been released for delivery effective 04/2015. In addition, a functional expansion with firmware V2.0 is also available for the high speed analog modules.

SIMATIC ET 200SP High Speed analog modules

As from firmware version V2.0 both channels of the high speed analog modules can work in the operating mode “Oversampling“.

Overview of the high speed I/O modules for SIMATIC ET 200SP (as per 04.2015)


ET 200SP Component

Article Number


DI 8x24VDC High Speed

-     BU-Type A0

-     Color code CC01

6ES7 131-6BF00-0DA0

Three alternative operating modes

1.   fast 8-channel digital input
- adjustable input delay
- pulse extension
- value status
- PROFIenergy
- Process alarm
- isochronous mode from 250µs

2.   2 to 32-fold oversampling
- constant cycle time DI signal capturing with 7.9125µs time resolution

3.   4-channel pulse counter
- 32 Bit
- 10 kHz
- gate or up/down counter input

DQ 4x24VDC/2A HS

-     BU-Type A0

-     Color code CC02

6ES7 132-6BD20-0DA0

Three alternative operating modes

1.   fast 4-channel, 2A digital ouput
(push-pull) with valve control

- value status
- PROFIenergy
- substitute value output
- isochronous mode from 250µs

2.   2 to 32-fold oversampling
- constant cycle time DQ signal ouput with 100µs time resolution

3.   Pulse-width modulation
- Frequency from 17 Hz to 5 kHz

AI 2×U/I 2/4-wire HS

-     BU-Type A0, A1

-     Color code CC00


Two alternative operating modes

1.   fast 2-channel analog output
value status
- PROFIenergy
- Process alarm
- isochronous mode from 250µs

2.   2 to 16-fold oversampling
- constant cycle time AI signal capturing with 50µs time resolution


-     BU-Type A0, A1

-     Color code CC00


Two alternative operating modes

3.   fast 2-channel analog output
value status
- PROFIenergy
- substitute value output
- isochronous mode from 250µs

4.   2 to 16-fold oversampling
- constant cycle time AQ signal capturing with 35µs time resolution


Enhanced Module Functions


·     Counter mode (CNT)


o  Description
The 8-channel digital input module DI 8x24V DC High Speed works in the “Counter“ mode as 4-channel pulse counter input with 32-Bit and a maximum counting frequency of 10kHz. The remaining 4 channels can be used as gate start / gate stop inputs or as direction input. The connection of 24V DC incremental encoders with A and B signal is not supported by the module. The technology modules TM Count 1x24V and TM TM Timer DIDQ 10x24V are available for this purpose.


o  Parameters / Functions
Start value
Upper and lower counting limit
Response at the counting limits (stop or continue counting)
Selection of the edge used for counting (rising / falling edge)
Count direction (up / down)
2 Comparison values
A control interface is available to adjust count, start and comparison values as well as the counting limits.


o  Diagnostics
Supply voltage
Short-circuit to M


·     Operating mode DQ with valve control


o  Description
In the DQ mode the high speed DQ module works with a special valve control function. After an adjustable holding time (= activation time of the valve) the output automatically switches to a pulse-width modulated output signal with adjustable frequency and pulse-to-pause duty cycle. This enables the output to be run with a lower holding current, resulting in a lower power loss in the switchboard and the valve.


o  Parameters / Functions
Holding time 0 s to 10s
Pulse-to-pause ratio 0.0% to 100.0%
Duty cycle OFF / 0.20 ms to 59.73 ms (“OFF” is normal DQ operation)
Substitute value characteristics


o  Diagnostics
Supply voltage


·     Operating mode pulse width modulation (PWM)


o  Description
Control of the four
24V DC/2A digital outputs with a pulse-to-pause duty cycle in the range 0.0% to 100.0% (16-Bit analog value) for outputting a pulse width modulated output signal.



1.      Cycle duration T; frequency of the pulse width modulation: f = 1/T

2.      Pulse duration (pulse-to-pause ratio)



o  Parameters / Functions
Frequency: 17 Hz to 5 kHz
Substitute value in the case of CPU stop (0.0% to 100.0%)


o  Diagnostics
Supply voltage
Short-circuit to M


·     Oversampling
(inputs and outputs of the High Speed digital and analog modules)


o  Definition
n-fold oversampling describes the recording or outputting of n data in equidistant cycles, whereby n cycles correspond to one PROFINET bus cycle. To be able to use the operating mode Oversampling you require isochronous mode.


o  Data capturing in the “Oversampling“ mode
- The module captures n values in equidistant cycles and transmits them in chronological sequence to the controller in one data package.

The user thus gets a continuous data stream of digital or analog values captured in absolutely equidistant intervals for evaluation in his controller.


o  Data output in the “Oversampling“ mode
The controller transmits
n values in a data package to the module. The module outputs these n values in equidistant intervals and in chronological sequence.

The user can thus ensure the output of digital or analog values at a exactly determined point of time – also within the set PROFINET bus clock rate.


o  Application areas
Oversampling always makes sense if one requires the recording or outputting of data with a very high temporal resolution without, however, wanting to use a very short PROFINET bus cycle and thus faster CPU cycles.


o  Application examples
Data capturing by means of oversampling is often used in quality supervising measurements, e.g. when recording pressure gradients during the manufacture of blow-molded PET bottles.
When digital or analog values are output via oversampling the data can be controlled more finely graduated than the PROFINET bus cycle would normally allow. The output data can thus be controlled more exactly along the actual position of the machine. This can be used for the exact length-dependent control of a control valve.





The TIA-Selection Tool for easy configuration is available for download:





Configuration of the interface modules


The modules can be configured with STEP 7 version V5.5 SP4 and higher and TIA-Portal version V13 SP1 and higher. The new high speed I/O modules can be used with all ET 200SP interface modules. The functions isochronous mode and oversampling are presently (as per 04.2015) only supported when inserted behind an IM155‑6PN HF interface module and cannot be used via GSDML configuration.


With all other configuration tools than STEP 7 the configuration of the SIMATIC ET 200SP station can be done by means of GSD or GSDML files.


Link for the IM155-6DP High Feature GSD file: Entry ID: 73016883


Link for the IM155-6PN ST/HF GSDML file: Entry ID: 57138621






The documentation for ET 200SP is modular and consists of various documents which guide the user, provide reference information, or describe the functions independently of the product.


The documentation comprises the following documents:


·     System manual ET 200SP


o  contains all the information valid for the whole system


o  Link to SIMATIC ET 200SP library: Entry ID: 84133942


·     Instruction manuals


o  contain the descriptions of the individual interface or I/O modules and of the BaseUnits


·     Product Information


o  contains overview tables, important information and latest corrections for the manuals


·     Function manuals dealing with specific topics


o  Diagnostics


o  Communication


o  Analog value processing


o  Counting, measuring and position capturing


o  Designing interference-free controllers


o  Cycle and reaction times




At the time of delivery release the documentation is available English and German, approx. 4 weeks later also in Chinese, French, Italian and Spanish.




The documentation for the scalable I/O system ET 200SP is available on the Internet as


·     ET 200SP Manual Collection


o  a pdf file with all system, device and function manuals relevant for ET 200SP, plus the Product Information




·     ET 200SP System manual and device manuals


o  each manual as separate pfd file




Further support for configuring and programming your SIMATIC ET 200SP system is available from the information system in the TIA-Portal (Online help System).


For the SIMATIC ET 200 systems you can download product data, graphics, manuals, CAx data free of charge: www.siemens.de/cax



Further information

Further information on ET200SP is available on the Internet under  www.siemens.com/ET200SP or you can speak to your SIMATIC partner at your regional branch office .