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How do you incorporate prepared PLC data types in the user program in order to control the Technology module "ET 200SP TM Count 1x24V" via the control and checkback interface?

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Prepared PLC data types make it easier in the user program to influence the behavior of the Technology module via the control and checkback interface and to receive the current values and status information from the Technology module.
The prepared PCL data types are configured according to the assignment of the control and checkback interface. They contain all the semantic names of the parameters of the control and checkback interface. In a tag table you assign the configured inputs and outputs of the Technology module to the prepared PLC data types. You can then immediately start with the actual configuration.

The prepared PLC data types are available for downloading as a block library.


  1. In STEP 7 (TIA Portal) you create a project and configure a station with ET 200SP CPU and ET 200SP Technology Module TM Count 1x24V.

    Fig. 1

    In the "Libraries" task card you open the "Global libraries" palette. Click the "Open global library" button to open the block library "6ES71386AA000AB0".

    Fig. 2

  2. In the block library "6ES71386AA000AB0" under "Master copies" you find the prepared PLC data types. Use drag-and-drop in the project navigation to add the prepared PLC data types to the PLC data types folder located in the device folder of the ET 200SP CPU.

    Fig. 3

    The PLC data types semantically describe the inputs and outputs of the module.

    Fig. 4  
  3. Compile your project.

    Fig. 5
  4. Create two tags in a tag table. Select the prepared PLC data types as data type. Assign to the tags the configured input and output address of the Technology module "ET 200SP TM Count 1x24V".

    Fig. 6
  5. Now, you can use the two PLC tags in your program to address the inputs and outputs.

    Fig. 7

The download "109475835_TM_Count_Library.zip" includes the block library "6ES71386AA000AB0".
Copy the "109475835_TM_Count_Library.zip" file into a separate directory, unpack it and then you can open and process the block library "6ES71386AA000AB0" in STEP 7.

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More information is available in the following manuals:
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