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How do you log in to download products after receiving an e-mail from OSD indicating that a download is ready?

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After receiving an e-mail indicating that a download is ready you log in to Online Software Delivery (OSD) with or without Industry Mall Account to download your prepared products.

Login with Delivery Note

  1. Click this link Online Software Delivery to access the web page of OSD.

    Alternatively you can also call OSD via the TIA Administrator or via the ALM (Automation License Manager):

    • Start the TIA Administrator and in the overview you select the "Download software" tile. 

    • Start the ALM (Automation License Manager) and in the navigation area you click "Web License Key Download".

  2. Under the category "Login with Delivery Note" you enter the delivery note number and your password.

    Fig. 1
  3. Then click the "Login with Delivery Note" button.
  4. In the dialog that opens you have to accept the Export Control Clause. Enable both conditions by clicking left in the check boxes (set a check mark).
    • The user confirms that the download will be made in the country of the displayed delivery address / login address.
    • The Export Control Clause is accepted.
  5. Then click the "Continue" button.

    Fig. 2

    It is impossible to log in without acceptance of the displayed Export Control Clause!
  6. After successful login the "Product Download" page is displayed in the OSD. Click the "Download" button.

    Fig. 3
  7. The product information is stored in a PDF file in the "Download" dialog under "Product disclaimer". Read the product disclaimer and acknowledge the following condition (set a check mark).
    • "I've read the disclaimer and I agree to the conditions."

      Fig. 4
      The products are now available for downloading.

Login with Industry Mall Account

  1. Click the link Online Software Delivery to get to the OSD web page.
  2. Under "Login with Industry Mall Account" you enter the login and the password of your Industry Mall Account.

    Fig. 5
  3. Then you click the "Login" button.
  4. After successful login the "Product Download" page is displayed in the OSD. Click the "Download" button and you will see the products available for downloading.

The e-mail dispatch is sent automatically and exclusively to the goods receiver e-mail address which the ordering party stored during the ordering procedure. This cannot be changed.

The temporary password is valid for 5 days after dispatch of the download-ready e-mail. You can request a new temporary password when it expires. Further information is available in Entry ID 101094810.

Please remember that a change of password only becomes active after confirmation. If you request a new temporary password, any previously requested temporary password or an assigned personal password becomes invalid.

Further Information

  • Detailed information on the topic of the Automation License Manager is available in Entry ID 114358.
  • If you do not have an Industry Mall Account, you will receive a temporary password with the download-ready e-mail. This is valid for 5 days after dispatch of the e-mail.
    You must change the temporary password into a personal password before logging in. Further information about this is available in Entry ID 101095472.

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