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Remote Access to SIMATIC HMI Operator Panels

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Whether for the purpose of servicing or evaluating production data, working on site involves travel time and, above all, travel expenses. To keep these as low as possible, SIMATIC HMI Panels provide you with the option of remote maintenance and remote control. The "Sm@rtServiceMonitor" tool provides additional security.

Aside from the actual "remote" access, the solutions described are also suitable for large, geographically distributed plants or efficient commissioning.

For each scenario, the SIMATIC HMI panels provide an ideal option for implementing remote access. This application contains a description of possible scenarios and detailed instructions that allow you to quickly configure remote access in your own project.

Description of the different scenarios where remote access to SIMATIC HMI panels is suitable and the corresponding solutions, including their features.
Scenarios for remote access (511.3 KB)

To implement remote access, Siemens provides the SIMATIC Remote Service. For more information on this topic, visit

Alternatively, you can use a VPN connection. This document tells you which components you can use for the respective scenario.
VPN connection documentation (439.1 KB)

Sm@rtServer for WinCC Runtime Advanced
An operator panel configured as a Sm@rtServer provides its user interface to the Sm@rtClients. This document provides information on using the Sm@rtServer and the Sm@rtServiceMonitor tool. This tool reads the current Sm@rtClient connections and forwards them to HMI Runtime for further processing. This allows monitoring of remote access and the on-site operator can stop it if necessary.
  Sm@rtServer for WInCC Runtime Advanced documentation (1,8 MB)

Here you can download the "Sm@rtServiceMonitor" tool for free.
registration required Sm@rtServiceMonitor tool for WinCC Runtime Advanced (345.5 KB)
registration required Sample project for WinCC Runtime Advanced V14 (5.6 MB)
registration required Library for WinCC Runtime Advanced V14 (427.4 KB)

Starting with TIA Portal V15, the Sm@rtServiceMonitor tool for Comfort Panels is integrated in the SIMATIC HMI Option+ tool. For more information, refer to this application example: "SIMATIC HMI Option+"109754400

HTML page
The SIMATIC HMI Panels' integrated web server allows you to exchange files between your PC and the Comfort Panel. This document provides a description of the web server and the standard web pages.
Integrated web pages documentation (1.0 MB)

To display only special information of the SIMATIC HMI Panel, you can create custom web pages.
User-defined web pages documentation (1.4 MB)
registration required Sample project for WinCC V13 SP1 (11.5 MB)

These functions allow you to transfer projects without an engineering system.
Pack & Go documentation (523.7 KB)
Storage medium

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