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Buffering SIMATIC IPCs with DC-UPS SITOP UPS1600 and SITOP UPS Manager triggered shutdown Puffern von mit DC-USV SITOP UPS1600 und SITOP UPS Manager gesteuertes Herunterfahren

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To prevent networked industrial PCs from being shut down in an uncontrolled manner during power failure, as well as the resulting data loss, the PCs are protected by an uninterruptable direct current power supply (DC-UPS).

The uninterruptible power supply SITOP UPS1600 enables buffering PCs in an Industrial Ethernet network during power failure. During a power failure, SITOP UPS1600 is supplied with 24 V DC by means of the UPS1100 battery module. This enables the UPS1600 to supply the connected PCs with 24 V DC until the configured buffering time has elapsed.

In the event of a network failure:

  • three PCs shall be shut down in a controlled and configurable sequence.
  • short network failures shall be documented in a file.

The SITOP UPS Manager installed on all three PCs enables configuring the SITOP UPS1600 and the UPS1100 battery module.

The communication between SITOP UPS1600 and SITOP UPS Manager is performed via Industrial Ethernet using TCP/IP. The SITOP UPS Manager hence receives the information that the network has failed and can shut down the PC in a controlled manner before the buffering time has elapsed and SITOP UPS1600 switches off. Furthermore, the SITOP UPS Manager can start applications on the IPC depending on the different events. 

Documentation and example project
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