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How do you upgrade projects in TIA Portal V14 and higher that you created with previous versions of TIA Portal?

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With TIA Portal V14 and higher, in order to upgrade your project it must have been created with at least TIA Portal V13 SP1 (or higher). The option packages needed for the project must be installed on your PC with the current version.

Upgrading projects from earlier versions of TIA Portal
The Compatibility mode when opening configurations from earlier versions is no longer supported in TIA Portal V14 and higher. These configurations are then upgraded into the latest version. The original project remains unchanged and you continue to work with a copy.

  • With TIA Portal V17, TIA Portal project versions V13 SP1 to V16 are upgrade to project version V17.
  • TIA Portal projects from earlier versions of TIA Portal (V13 without SP1 or V12, for example) first have to be stored and compiled in TIA Portal V13 SP1 before you can run the upgrade with TIA Portal V14/V15/V15.1/V16 or with V17.
  • In TIA Portal V17 the STEP 7 Professional / Basic project is automatically upgraded to V17 when opened if you have created the project with TIA Portal V16, V15/V15.1, V14 SP1 or V13 SP1 (or higher).

Otherwise you get the following error message as displayed in Fig 1. "Upgrade project (0025:000219)".

Fig. 1

If you cannot upgrade a STEP 7 Professional / Basic project from TIA Portal V13 SP1 to your current version of TIA Portal, then you should compile the STEP 7 Professional / Basic project completely in TIA Portal V13 SP1 via the following two menu commands:

  • "Compile > Hardware (rebuild all)" and
  • "Compile > Software (rebuild all blocks)".

Required option packages must be of the latest version for the upgrade
If your project contains configurations from option packages, the option packages must also be installed on your PC with the current version.
The following message appears if, for example, your project is to be upgraded from TIA Portal V14 SP1 to V15.1, which contains SINAMICS Startdrive components (or other option package components), but the SINAMICS Startdrive V15.1 option package has not been installed on your PC.

"The project was created with TIA Portal V14 SP1 and needs to be upgraded. Upgrading is not possible at the moment, because necessary products are not installed."

Since TIA Portal uses the version noted in the project (because no Startdrive V15.1 is installed), this message appears with the older software version. TIA Portal does not know at this time that Startdrive V15.1 exists and is needed for upgrade.

In this case, however, you must install the SINAMICS Startdrive V15.1 before you upgrade your project.

Opening STEP 7 Professional / Basic projects that include S7-1200 CPU modules with firmware V1.0
TIA Portal V14 and higher no longer supports the configuration of S7-1200 CPU modules with firmware V1.0. If your device configuration includes S7-1200 CPU modules with firmware version V1.0, then

  • you change the firmware of these configured CPUs in TIA Portal V13 SP1 to a version that is supported by the latest version of TIA Portal,
  • or you create a new CPU offline in the project with firmware version V4.0 and copy your program into this CPU if you want to use a CPU with firmware version V4.0 in your project.

Otherwise you get the error message displayed in Fig. 2. "Open Project".

Fig. 2

If you want to upgrade to the new TIA Portal version ( V17 for example) and also use new functions from this version, in some cases a new selection of devices, or a firmware update with regard to compatibility is required. In rare cases, you might need to perform an intermediate step (saving and compiling in TIA Portal V14) before upgrading with TIA Portal V17.

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