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Release for sale and delivery for the Intelligent Operator Panel (IOP) with firmware V1.6 SP2

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The firmware V1.6 SP2 for the SINAMICS Intelligent Operator Panel (IOP) has been released for sale and delivery on April 13, 2016, and can now be downloaded. The firmware version V1.6 SP2 replaced V1.6 SP1 full compatible.

1. Brief description of the product

Effective immediately, the new firmware release V1.6 SP2 for the SINAMICS Intelligent Operator Panel (IOP) is ready. The functional restrictions which have been corrected are documented in chapter 6.

1.1 Highlights


The SINAMICS Intelligent Operator Panel (IOP) with firmware V1.6 SP2 sets itself apart with the following essential features:

Firmware V1.6 SP2 includes the following extended functions compared to V1.6 SP1

  • SINAMICS converters with the new firmware V4.7 SP3 are supported (see 109482094)
    • G120 modular (CU240B-2, CU240E-2, CU250S-2)
    • G120P (CU230P-2)
    • G120C
    • G120D (CU240D-2, CU250D-2)
    • G110M (CU240M)
    • ET 200pro FC-2
  • Extensions within the Commissioning Wizard

    • Commissioning of reluctance motors 1FP1 with 60Hz-/ 87Hz characteristic

    • Support of the PT1000 temperature sensor (p0601)

    • Commissioning with a predefined motor identification
      p1900=2 (standstill)
      -> see 109480663 

    • In Standard-Drive-Control mode the presetting of the motor identification (Motor-ID p1900) is configurable

    • The operator will be informed about a running Motor-ID

  • The operating hours of a motor (p0650) can be displayed within the status screen.

Firmware V1.6 SP1 includes the following extended functions compared to V1.6

  • I/O-Editor (Menu -> Extras -> I/O editor)
    • The I/O Editor allows the user to configure the digital and analog inputs and outputs of the converter.
  • Wizard to define the daylight saving time (only CU230P-2)
  • User defined labels for parameters in IOP status screen
  • All 14 user interface languages have been revised regarding the new functions. Documented restrictions with V1.6 for Finnish, Polish and Portuguese are herewith cancelled.


Included function extensions with V1.6

  • SINAMICS converters with the new firmware V4.7 SP3 are supported (see 109476414)
    • G120 modular (CU240B-2, CU240E-2, CU250S-2)
    • G120P (CU230P-2)
    • G120C
    • G120D (CU240D-2, CU250D-2)
    • G110M (CU240M)
    • ET 200pro FC-2
  • S110 (CU305) with firmware V4.4 SP3 is supported
  • The 14 user interface languages (see Chapter 3) have been revised to take into account these new functions.
    Note: For Finnish, Polish and Portuguese, some user interface texts are still displayed in English. The language texts will be updated with an update in the 3rd quarter 2015.
  • Improvements to the basic commissioning wizards
    • The basic commissioning Wizard supports the "Standard Drive Control" and "Dynamic Drive Control" application classes of the new V4.7 SP3 firmware (see 109476414).
    • The content and workflow of the wizards has been optimized regarding the target systems.
    • The maximum motor speed (p1082) is queried in the wizards.
    • The maximum motor current is preset to 1.5*rated motor current.
    • G120P: The minimum speed is preset in the commissioning Wizard to 20%.
    • G120P: Commissioning is preset (p8552) to speed data in Hz.
  • The "Manual" operating mode can be configured on a customer-for-customer basis using BiCo interconnections in the drive (p8542, p8543). The settings can be made at the IOP, "Open-loop control" menu.
  • The operating mode switchover at the IOP (manual/automatic using the IOP button) can be deactivated, or can be switched over using an external signal, for example, a key-operated switch (digital input of the Control Unit or via the PLC).

A detailed function description is available in the operating instructions for the IOP V1.6 SP2.


2. Application fields / typical applications

The Intelligent Operator Panel (IOP) is an extremely user-friendly and powerful operator panel for SINAMICS standard drives. The IOP supports both entry-level personnel and drive experts. It is easy to commission standard drives thanks to the large plain text display, the menu-based operation and the application wizards. A drive can be essentially commissioned without having to use a printed parameter list – as the parameters are displayed in plain text, and explanatory help texts and the parameter filtering function are provided. Optional application wizards guide you interactively when commissioning specific applications such as conveyor systems, pumps, fans and compressors. There is a basic commissioning wizard for general commissioning.

Possible applications

  • The IOP can be used in conjunction with the SINAMICS G120, G120P, G120C, G120D, G110M, G110D, ET 200pro FC, ET 200pro FC-2 and S110 converters.
  • It can be mounted directly on SINAMICS G120, G120P Control Units – and on the G120C compact inverter.
  • It can be used on distributed converters via connecting cable with optical interface.
  • It can be mounted in the control cabinet door using a door mounting kit (achievable degree of protection is IP54/UL Type 12).
  • It is available as handheld version.


3. Product properties and technical details

The SINAMICS Intelligent Operator Panel (IOP) offers the following main product features:

Series commissioning using the clone functionQuick commissioning without expert knowledge
User-defined parameter list with a reduced number of self-selected parameters

Simple commissioning of standard applications using wizards, it is not necessary to know the parameter structure.

Application wizards that can be subsequently loaded are available in the Internet.

Simple local commissioning using the handheld version
Commissioning largely without documentation
Direct manual operation of the drive – you can simply toggle between the automatic and manual modesHigh degree of operator friendliness and intuitive handling
Intuitive navigation using a rotary knob – just like in everyday applications
Graphic display to show status values such as pressure or flow in bar-type diagrams
Status display with freely selectable units to specify physical values

Available user interface languages: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, Russian, Czech, Polish, Turkish, Finnish and simplified Chinese. Chinese is available in the form of a separate device with Chinese, English and German user interface language (see ordering data).

Diagnostics using plain text display, can be used locally on-site without documentationMinimization of maintenance times
Simple update of languages and firmware via USBCan be flexibly expanded

Table 01: Overview of the essential product features


4. Preconditions/dependencies

The SINAMICS Intelligent Operator Panel (IOP) with firmware V1.6 SP2 can be used with SINAMICS G120, G120P, G120C, G120D, G110M, G110D, ET200pro FC, ET 200pro FC-2 and S110 converters with firmware release V4.7 SP6. A detailed overview of the supported drive systems and their associated firmware releases please see 67273266.

5. Third-party software - Licensing terms and copyright information

You can find the copyright information for third-party software contained in this product, particularly open source software, as well as applicable licensing terms of such third-party software in the Readme_OSS.zip file.

Special information for resellers
The information and the license terms in the Readme_OSS.zip file must be passed on to the purchasing party to avoid license infringements by the reseller or purchasing party.

Availability of Source Code
Certain license conditions of third-party software components used in this product may require Siemens to provide you with the source code and additional information for such components. In most cases, Siemens provides this information on or with the device. In case Siemens is technically unable to do so, you may request a copy of of this OSS source code against payment of shipping and handling charges. Please send your request to the address provided at the end of this section.

Siemens AG
Digital Factory
Customer Services DF&PD
Gleiwitzer Str. 555
90475 Nuernberg, Deutschland
Internet: http://www.siemens.com/automation/support-request
Tel.: +49 911 895 7222

  Readme_OSS.zip (571,2 KB)


6. Supplementary conditions / functional restrictions

The simultaneous support of the user interface languages specified in Chapter 3 "Product properties and technical details" on an IOP is only possible with the actual IOP (Article No. 6SL3255-0AA00-4JA1 (multilingual with 13 languages without Chinese), 6SL3255-0AA00-4JC1 (only simplified Chinese, English and German); 32 MByte flash memory).

For all older devices, only a selection of languages can be installed using the IOP update tool (depending on the memory required for the selected languages). Chinese can only be used on the IOP with Article No. 6SL3255-0AA00-4JC1.


7. Functional restrictions which have been corrected

The Firmware V1.6 SP2 corrected the following functional restrictions of V1.6

  • The function „Operator Panel - Factory reset“ will not reset the configuration of the „Custom Hand mode“.

The Firmware V1.6 SP1 HF2 corrected the following functional restrictions of V1.6 SP1

  • TFS 417572 - When the function "Startup in Hand Mode" is selected, the set point which was configured via the IOP was not been transferred to the control unit after a power cycle of the drive.
  • TFS 323882 - Decimal places for a trend view which were configured via the Status-Screen Wizard will be lost after a power cycle of the control unit and IOP or through detach/ attach the IOP to the control unit.
  • TFS 363455 - Trend view settings: When only one axis is configured, the none configured axis will show a long random number.


8. Ordering data


Article number

Start of delivery
Intelligent Operator Panel IOP V1.6 SP2
with 13 user interface languages (without Chinese)

Download -> Chapter 7

Ex stock: End of June, 2016

Intelligent Operator Panel IOP V1.6 SP2
with the user interface language simplified Chinese
English and German

Download -> Chapter 7

Ex stock: End of June, 2016

IOP handheld (including IOP 6SL3255-0AA00-4JA1)6SL3255-0AA00-4HA0is available
Door mounting kit for IOP/BOP-26SL3256-0AP00-0JA0is available
RS232 connecting cable 2.5m with optical
interface for G110M, G110D, G120D, ET200Pro
3RK1922-2BP00is available

Table 02: Ordering data



Firmware download IOP V1.6 SP2 with 13 user interface languages (without Chinese) for upgrading an existing IOP with Article number 6SL3255-0AA00-4JAx2)  IOP_Update_V1_01.06.01.23.zip (13,6 MB) 
Firmware download IOP V1.6 SP2 with user interface languages, simplified Chinese, English
and German to upgrade an existing IOP with Article number 6SL3255-0AA00-4JC12)
  IOP_Update_V1_01.06.01.23_chn.zip (10,0 MB) 
Optional application Wizard to expand an IOP with
V1.6 SP21) 2) 3)
IOP Application Manual (Wizards) see 109483443

Closed Loop (CU230P-2, CU240B/E-2, G120C)
-Closed-loop controlled pump

-Closed-loop controlled compressor

-Closed-loop controlled fan

  Closed_Loop_Wizard_V1.6.2.zip (245,1 KB) 

Open Loop (CU230P-2, CU240B/E-2, G120C)

-Open-loop controlled pump

-Open-loop controlled compressor

-Open-loop controlled fan

  Open_Loop_Wizard_V1.6.2.zip (114,2 KB) 

Roller Conveyor (CU240D-2, G110M, ET200pro)

- Roller conveyor

  Roller_Conveyor_Wizard_V1.6.2.zip (39,3 KB) 

Staging (CU230P-2)

- Pump staging with PID

- Fan staging with PID

  Staging_Wizard_V1.6.2.zip (92,5 KB) 

PID (CU230P-2, CU240B/E-2, G120C, G110D, ET200pro)

- Wizard to parameterize the PID

  PID_Wizard_V1.6.2.zip (37,0 KB) 

Boost (CU230P-2, CU240B/E-2, G120C, CU240D-2, G110M, ET200pro, G110D)

- Settings of the boost function (U/f)

  Boost_Wizard_V1.6.2.zip (21,9 KB) 

Extended Safety (SINAMICS Pool: CU240E-2, CU250S-2, CU240D-2, CU250D-2, CU305)

  Extended_Safety_Wizard_SINAMICS-Pool_V1.6.2.zip (104,1 KB) 

Extended Safety (GP-Pool: ET200pro)

  Extended_Safety_Wizard_GP-Pool_V1.6.2.zip (36,7 KB) 

IOP installation instructions (FW/ SW)



  IOP_Installation_Guide_DE_160824.pdf (1,6 MB) 

  IOP_Installation_Guide_EN_160824.pdf (1,6 MB) 
Overview of available firmware releases as well as language packages for the IOPsee 67273266

1) The basic commissioning wizards are included in the scope of delivery.
2) Notes regarding the installation of the firmware update as well as the optional wizards can be taken from the IOP installation guide "IOP_Installation_Guide_DE_150601.pdf".
3) The descriptions of the individual wizards are provided in the operating instructions – Intelligent Operator Panel (IOP) – see Chapter 8 "Documentation".

Table 03: Downloads


10. Catalogs and brochures

Catalog/MallCatalog D31 - German
SINAMICS G120 brochureSINAMICS G120 - the modular inverter
SINAMICS G120P brochureSINAMICS G120P – the specialist for pumps, fans, and compressors
Image database - IOPImage database; enter search text "IOP"

Table 04: Catalogs and brochures


11. Documentation

Operating instructions - Intelligent Operator Panel (IOP) - Edition 02/2016, firmware V1.6 SP2see 109475473

Table 05: Documentation


12. Additional information

You can find additional information on the Internet at:

Security information
In order to protect technical infrastructures, systems, machines and networks against cyber threats, it is necessary to implement – and continuously maintain – a holistic, state-of-the-art IT security concept. Siemens’ products and solutions constitute one element of such a concept. For more information about cyber security, please visit