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Error message when opening a project: Project is write-protected

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If you can no longer access a project, a repair or an update of the "Microsoft Access Database Engine" might remedy the situation.

If, after installing other software (in particular MS Office), when opening a project in SIMATIC S7 T Config, SIMOTION SCOUT, STARTER or Sizer, you get the error message indicating that the project is write-protected or already open, it might be possible to clear this situation with a repair or an update of the "Microsoft Access Database Engine".

For example, the following error messages might appear:

Fig. 01

If you confirm with "Yes", the following message is displayed:

Fig. 02

  • Repair the "Microsoft Database Engine 2007 (English)" by restarting the "ACERedist.msi" file from the
    S7 Technology, Scout, Starter or Sizer DVD or from the unpacked installation package and then selecting "Repair" followed by "Fix Errors". You then restart the computer.

  • If you cannot access "ACERedist.msi", you can also download and install the 32-bit version ofMicrosoft Access Database Engine 2010 Redistributable. Then restart the computer.

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