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Safety Integrated - mechanical test of the holding brake

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The Safe Brake Ramp (SBR) function can guarantee protecting persons and machines. SBR safely monitors a braking ramp. Therefore a safe sequence during set-up mode and test operation is guaranteed at open door.

The Safe Brake Ramp (SBR) function safely monitors a braking ramp. For instance, it is responsible for a safe workflow when setting up and testing with the door open.


For a SINUMERIK 828D brake test the acceleration is safely monitored (SBR) and there is a data block (DB). Both blocks are copied to an existing PLC program, and when necessary, renumbered. A block pair (SBR and DB) with its own SBR number and its own DB number is required for each brake. Two block pairs are required for an axis equipped with two brakes. The block pair is required a multiple number of times if the machine has several axes equipped with brakes. The particular numbering is different.
If the SBR is duplicated, then every copy must be opened and slightly modified. The networks with the appropriate changes are subsequently shown.


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