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Availability of the function "Assign Ethernet Address" in the STEP 7 Hardware Configuration

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When is the function "Assign Ethernet Address" available in the STEP 7 Hardware Configuration for an Ethernet module?

The "Assign Ethernet Address" function is a mechanism for searching the local network for modules that have a fixed MAC address. When search starts, all the Siemens modules are listed. 
This function cannot be applied for modules from other manufacturers.

The "Assign Ethernet Address" function is available for SIMATIC STEP 7 / NCM version V5.1 + SP2 and higher.

To be able to use the function you must install the DLC protocol on the PG/PC used by going to the Properties of the network connection via "Install > Protocol".

The DLC protocol is supported by the following Microsoft operating systems:

  • Windows 95
  • Windows 98
  • Windows NT
  • Windows 2000

Special case - Windows XP:
The DLC protocol is not included in the delivery package of Windows XP, but it can install the DLC protocol in addition to the operating system. The installation files for the DLC protocol in Windows XP are available in Entry ID: 14929629.

The DLC protocol is not provided for Windows ME. It is not supported by Microsoft and thus cannot be installed by the user. The "Assign Ethernet Address" cannot be used on PGs or PCs, on which SIMATIC STEP 7 and MS Windows ME are installed.

Running the function:

The "Assign Ethernet Address" function can be called in two ways:

  • STEP 7 Hardware Configuration:
    Call the menu item "PLC > Assign Ethernet Address...".
  • Object Properties of the CPs:
    Mark the CP and double-click to open the Object Properties. The dialog for starting the search procedure is in the "Addressing" tab.

Once you have selected the function the following dialog is displayed:

Fig. 1: Assign Ethernet Address dialog

Now start the search procedure for the modules via "Search".

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