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Download Firmware V1.3.4 for CP 1243-5

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Download Firmware V1.3.4 for CP 1243-5


Firmware version 1.3.4 for the CP1243-5 (6GK7243-5DX30-0XE0) is now available for download.

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 Registrierung notwendig  ReadMe_OSS.html (1,5 MB)

Here you can download the file.

 Registrierung notwendig  6GK7_243-5DX30-0XE0_V01p03p04.zip (6,0 MB)


Please note

Two FW files are available for updating the CP:

  • 6GK7 243‑5DX30‑0XE0 V01.03.04.upd must be used if the CM 1243‑5 is plugged in next to a 1200-CPU with FW version V3 or lower.
  • 6GK7 243‑5DX30‑0XE0 V01.03.04_V4CPU.upd must be used if the CM 1243‑5 is plugged in next to a 1200-CPU with FW version V4.

CM 1243‑5 modules with a FW version below 1.3.3  must be updated using a memory card.



Updating the firmware:


Do not use the Windows formatting program to newly format the Memory Card. If a Siemens Memory Card is newly formatted with the Windows formatting program, the Memory Card can no longer be used by a S7-1200 CPU.


To install the CP firmware update, please proceed as follows:

  1. Insert an empty SIMATIC MC 24-MB Memory Card into a SD card reader connected to your computer.
    If you use a SIMATIC Memory Card which already contains a user program or any other firmware update, you must first delete the file "S7_JOB.S7S" and all folders (e.g. "SIMATIC.S7S" or "FWUPDATE.S7S"), before you can download the firmware update. You can use the Windows Explorer to display the contents of the Memory Card and to delete the file and the folders.





Do not delete the hidden files "__LOG__" and "crdinfo.bin" on the memory card.
The files  "__LOG__" and "crdinfo.bin" are necessary to be able to use the card. If these files are deleted, the card can no longer be used by the CPU.

  1. Download the CP firmware update. Unpack the file to the root directory of the SIMATIC Memory Card. When the extraction is completed, the root directory of the memory card will contain the directory "FWUPDATE.S7S" and the file "S7_JOB.S7S".




Before you install the firmware update please ensure that the CPU is not executing an active process.

The installation of the firmware update lets the CPU enter STOP mode, which can have repercussions on the online process or the running of a machine. Unexpected running of the process or the machine can result in lethal or serious injury and/or damage to property.

Before you insert the Memory Card, please make quite sure that the CPU is offline and in a safe state.


  1. Insert the Memory Card into the CPU. If the CPU is in RUN, it will go to STOP mode. The maintenance LED (MAINT) will blink to indicate that the Memory Card must be evaluated.
  2. Start the CPU again to start the firmware update. Alternative methods to restart the CPU are to change from STOP to RUN, or to perform an overall reset (MRES) in STEP 7.
    After the CPU has been restarted the firmware update will be copied to the load memory. The RUN/STOP LED will blink green and yellow to indicate that the update is being copied.  If the RUN/STOP LED remains permanently lit and the MAINT LED blinks, the copy process is completed. You can now remove the Memory Card.
  3. After you have removed the Memory Card, restart the CPU again to load the new firmware (either by switching it on, or by another method for restarting).

The user program and the hardware configuration are not affected by the firmware update. When the CPU is switched on it will enter the configured startup mode.


Security information
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