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Entry type: FAQ Entry ID: 109476914, Entry date: 04/27/2017

What are the differences between the Basic (BA), Standard (ST), High Feature (HF) and High Speed (HS) modules of the ET 200SP and ET 200MP?

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This entry provides you with information about the function classes of the interface modules and IO modules of the distributed IO systems ET 200SP and ET 200MP.

The interface modules and the IO modules of the ET 200MP and ET 200SP are available in the following function classes.

  • Basic (BA): The Basic module is designed for basic requirements.
  • Standard (ST): The Standard module is designed for standard requirements and is used by most customers.
  • High Feature (HF): The High Feature module includes advanced functions.
  • High Speed (HS):The High Speed module is optimized for high speed processing.

Properties of the function classes of the interface modules of the ET 200MP

  109476914_PropertiesFuctionClasses_IM_ET200MP_en.pdf (5,1 KB)

Properties of the function classes of the IO modules of the ET 200MP

  109476914_PropertiesFuctionClasses_IO_ET200MP_en.pdf (94,0 KB)

Properties of the function classes of the interface modules of ET 200SP

  109476914_PropertiesFuctionClasses_IM_ET200SP_en.pdf (6,6 KB)

Properties of the function classes of the IO modules of the ET 200SP

  109476914_PropertiesFuctionClasses_IO_ET200SP_en.pdf (4,3 KB)


  • All ET 200SP IO modules can be used on all ET 200SP interface modules.
  • Exception:
    • PROFIsafe modules cannot be used on a Basic interface module.
    • The technology module TM Timer DIDQ 10x24V cannot be used on the DP interface module.
  • You should note that function restrictions of the interface modules might restrict the IO module functions. For example:
    HF and HS IO modules support the clock-synchronized mode. The Basic, Standard and DP interface modules do no support the clock-synchronized mode.
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